Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Monday 6.18.12

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Dear Monday, when did you sprout wings? Because girl, you have seriously flown by. [ba-dah-bing ba-dah-boom!]

Dear Red Mustang, I am sorry that an 18 year old boy with no drivers license drove you into the rear-end of my truck on Friday night. I am not sorry that my daughter wasn't with me. If that were the case, I would have gone white-girl crazy on you. I would like to say thank you to the 2 people who stopped and asked if they needed to stay with me while I waited on the police. (I was alone, but the mustang had 3 young men flipping out at the scene.) Sometimes it's hard to remember that there are really great people out in the world when the news always seems to show otherwise.Also, a huge thank you to the best friend who came as soon as I called her. You are amazeballs my Emilie.

Dear Camping, I had so much fun at the lake this weekend. Even though I had to lay in the bed for like 2 hours with a cold washrag on my forehead because I was sure I had come down with brain-eating bug that was forcing me to simultaneously want to throw-up and poop. Turns out, that was just a cause of the hanging out with 20 year olds who stay up until 4am and drink way more than should be physically possible. I can't hang. They are beasts. I am a small kitten who needs to be put to bed at 10pm every night in order to function properly.

Dear Pap Paw & Granny's Boot Camp, I am grateful every day for the family I was blessed to marry into. You take care of not 1, not 2 but seven grand kids for a full week to give your kids a parenting break that we don't even realize we need. Thank you for allowing the husband and I to have some much needed adult time together. It's so easy to forget that before we were parents, we were simply husband and wife. And without that foundation, a family can easily fall to the wayside.

The Hoodlums.

Dear Husband, the fact that when Lillie gave you her Father's Day present you almost teared up {even if you refuse to admit it} made me just love you that much more. Watching you grow into such a great dad these past 19 months has been one of the most awesome things I've ever witnessed.

Dear Lillie, how are you so amazing? Oh, wait, because you're related to me. Love you little girl.


Sar said...

"How are you so amazing? Oh wait, beacuse you're related to me." Bwaaaahahaha you're my favorite and I love you.

Katie said...

Car accidents are so scary! Glad there were good people around to up your confidence in the world! :)

Abbey said...

Oh man. You're actually being serious on here? About marriage and stuff? Woah. But seriously (haha...) glad you guys got some time to be together again. Awwww. Those gparents must be troopers. And Lillie looks like she is having the time of her LIFE in that picture on the saddle. Woah.