Saturday, January 26, 2013

Holiday Swap Reveal

Last year [oh, it seems so far away already!] one of my favorite gal pals, Lin, hosted a Holiday Swap that I so eagerly participated in. This all happened around the time I was in Vegas running my first half. When the swap posts were to be shared I missed out on doing this post because 1. I’m a procrastinator and 2. I took a blogging hiatus over the holidays.

[But mostly because I’m a procrastinator]

So, you get a post that’s well over a month due. Try to contain your excitement.

I was paired with Sara from Welcome to Sara’s Organized Chaos. I immediately sent her an email to try and get a better feel for “her”. When she replied, I wanted to have her baby immediately. And still a month later, my loins constantly yearn for her awesome sarcasm and wit. I highly recommend you go check out her blog. She has a great way of writing with such honesty that you’re like, “This bitch knows what the fuck is up.” I love that in a blogger.

But on to the goodies.

Lillie was immediately intrigued at this box that just appeared on our porch. Holiday Swap 1We weren’t inside for more than 2.5 seconds before Lillie was already screaming ‘Oh-pen, mama. OH-PEN'.’ I cannot deny her, so open we did. Blog EditsSara did a fantastic job with all her gifts she sent. Lillie was especially excited for the Santa night light. I don’t think she knew what it was when we opened it, I think she just liked that it was shiny. She is her mother’s child. Holiday Swap 2I was particularly pumped about one thing. That beautiful blue box of angelic godsend cookies. Lillie wasn’t so sure at first, but after one bite – I think I’ve found my match in Oreo loving. Holiday Swap Oreo love And while Lillie was entranced with her cookie. Enjoying each little bite as I’m sure the Oreo gods intended. Me? I was devouring them with the speed of a cracked out Ricky Bobby. DSC02414I’m not ashamed to admit that after sharing a few cookies will Lillie I promptly hid them in the pantry away from prying toddler hands. Don’t judge me. I feel like Sara would have wanted it that way.

Overall, it was a great blog swap experience! Thanks Lin & Sara. You guys are the bombdiggity, yo.


Abbey said...

I have those socks.


also, I have not tried that flavor of oreos. I am intrigued. Too bad it's January.

Sara said...

I love those Oreos with all of my being and then some. Good shit!