Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Resolutions

2012 was good to me. I was happy for the vagueness of my resolutions, because from those I learned how to appreciate what I bring to the table instead of feeling like I’m not doing enough, I’m not being enough. I think running has opened my eyes as to what I’m capable of, and I’d like to take that head on in 2013 by getting serious with some goals and throwing vagueness out of the window.



  • Run faster. I really enjoy running and I’ve enjoyed my approach this past year – any mile is a mile. It may take me 13 minutes compared to your 6, but ultimately it’s still the same mile. I feel that thinking this way set me up for success in a very positive way and taught me that working out/running is something you can love if you give it a chance. I highly suggest for any of you that are thinking of running as a resolution that you try hard to use this mindset. Also, let me know when you are running and I will cheer you on. I love cheering for people. Okay, so with that said – I feel like I’m in a good place to work on running faster and competing more [with myself] while still loving this sport. Goal: 12 min/mile pace or better and PR in the 5k.
  • Lose weight. This comes off of the above resolution. While I have learned this past year to be happy with what I weigh and how I look, I really feel that dropping some of my extra weight will help me achieve the above goal. I’m going to write more about my personal struggles with #weighthate this year because I want people to know that at 190 lbs you can run 13.1 miles and label yourself a runner. [Seriously freaking out about typing my weight out loud, but I’ll have more on that in a post later this week.] I also feel like it will help me stay accountable. Exercise is no longer an issue for me, I have a good routine. It’s food I lust for (my gawd, Oreos!) so I’ve joined Weight Watchers to help me with that. Goal: 30 lbs.


  • Save money. After a nice, hefty discussion with the husband we have decided we really need to start investing in our future. I mean, he’s going to be 29 for a second time this year, it’s time we start thinking about these things, right? I won’t go into specifics, but we have a number we are hoping to have saved up by the year's end. The plan is to cut corners where we can without giving up our lifestyle entirely. For any of you out there that have any great budget ideas – please send them my way! Goal: $$ More money.


  • Become closer to God. I probably won’t talk much about faith on my blog. I live along the guidelines that your beliefs don’t define who I am only mine do, so I place no judgments on whether you believe in the same God that I do or even in one at all. However, I am a Christian and I hope Lillie will be one day as well. I won’t force her into a religion, but I will show her all the amazing things I’ve learned through Him surrounding my life. Goal: Not sure how to rate this, so all you get is this little symbol -  ♥.
  • Read more. I think I only read 4 or 5 books last year total. It’s a shame, really. But I’m going to up my numbers this year and in the spirit of not being vague my goal is 13 in 13. Goal: #13booksin13!

Bring it on, 2013!


Sara said...

I think it's awesome you put your weight out there. I am totally ashamed of mine and still haven't built up the courage to do so.

I think you have some great resolutions for 2013. Good luck with it all; I know you'll do great!

Amanda said...

Woah I am still so impressed by your running. I just can't imagine doing a half marathon. And I looove that you are talking about weight on here. Honestly, when other people start talking about it, it makes me want to open up about it more too. Thanks for being so brave! Also, I. love. saving. money. I was a finance major in school so that goal makes me super happy :)

Abbey said...

Love these! I think it's funny the image we (as a collective culture) have in our heads of runners. I definitely didn't want to call myself a runner for a long time. Even when I got that silly "I'm a Runner" shirt. Because I weigh more than I'd like and don't have that nice little gap between my thighs and my mile time is not what would be considered impressive... but running consistently and in an effort not only to lost weight/exercise but to get better at running itself... I feel like that makes me a runner! :)

Also, you're gonna rock the weight loss! I beliiiieeeve in you.

Adrienne said...

These are awesome resolutions Tam!

Love em! Amen to the improving running time, and I love your bravery and confidence in all of your fitness goals.

These are awesome, realistic resolutions and I'm certain you'll rock all of them!

Katie said...

You rock girl! Cheering you on and can't wait to see all your accomplishments! :)