Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Shenanigans

I’ll be taking a bit of a blogging break over the Christmas Holiday. I may post something depending on how great I feel about using my phone to blog [I’m imagining not so great] and whether or not my kid takes a nap [ha.ha.ha.]. I’m sure I have a lot of things to talk about. I mean, when I do not talk, am I right husband?! But for the life of me I can’t think of anything, probably because I’m listening to this chunk of adorableness tell me she wants a cookie right now.
Going To Work
Why yes, that is a baby scarf.
I know you can’t see it, but underneath her coat her shirt says “Elf Sized”. Seriously, how are you not dying from awesomeness right now?
I do have a question for you guys, but first a little background.
In January, I’m running a 5k benefiting those who need bone marrow transplants. 167519_194821353865564_8280716_n This was actually my very first 5k in 2010 [I ran it with my co-workers at the time].  5K 001
I didn’t get hooked on running at that point, but I do remember feeling incredibly proud of myself.  I’ve ran it every year since. In 2011, I ran it two months after having Lillie while recovering from Mastitis & a breast abscess. I’m pretty sure I went stupid, but it didn’t deter me from running it again this year for some reason. I ran it in January with a slower time than I did right after having Lillie and it made me realize that, “Shit, I’m kind of unhealthy”. It feels like it was the catalyst that started me on this amazing year of running. It seems to hold a little place in my heart and when My Emilie suggested we run it this year, even though it’s a week after my Houston Half I couldn’t turn it down.

But the great thing about this run (other than benefitting those who need marrow transplants!) is that they will allow you to personalize your bib. Which means I don’t have to just be Tamara I can be whoever/whatever I want. But I’m pretty indecisive (at all things) so that’s where you guys come in. I need help figuring out what to put on my bib.

Here’s a few options I’ve chosen, but feel free to leave something in the comments!
What should I personalize my race bib with? free polls 


Sar said...

One of my friends has a house close to the Miracle Match Marathon (mile 12, I think? Really close to halfway) and so last year I went and cheered on runners! Fantastic. You're amazing! Kick butt!

meg m said...

when I read the first line my first reaction was NOOOOOOOOOOOO.
however. because your child is so freaking cute you're allowed.

Lin said...

What a freakin' cutie. I want a shirt that says 'Elf sized', granted I'm not, but whatevs.

meg m said...

I think 9 days is a sufficient break. I miss your posts so get back here!!