Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Great Zoo Stampede 2013

I still have a couple other race recaps to get to (Electric Run 5k & Color Me Rad 5k) but I wanted to skip ahead to the 10k (6.2 miles) I ran this past Saturday first.

Despite being in week 4 of my marathon training and having successfully completed 5 miles the previous weekend - I felt oddly underprepared for this race.

IMG_2557 It was really disconcerting because I’ve never felt that way about a race. Sure, I’ve felt nervous before crossing a start line but this time it almost felt like I knew I was going to fail. It was inevitable. I don’t know what brain-munching-you-can’t-do-nothing worm crawled into my ear and laid its you-ain’t-shit eggs but it wasn’t cool.

You know how people are always preaching that “running is mental” blah-blah crap? Well, it can go either way. You either tell yourself you can do it, or you tell yourself you can’t for whatever reason.

Sometimes it’s really fucking annoying.

I can’t complain too much though because I woke up determined to put my sour stomach behind me & just keep pushing my two amazon feet in front of me – and guess what, y’all?


IMG_2588 Also, I got a toothbrush. It was in my swag bag with my t-shirt. Nothing else. So, I don’t know if the race coordinators were trying to tell me something or if they just had a serious deficit in sponsors. Either way I got clean teeth and fast feet. Can’t beat that.

My previous 10k PR (personal record for those that aren’t up to speak in runners terms) was at the same race in 2012 with a time of 1:21:56. Roughly a 13:13 mile per minute pace.

This 10k time – 1:20:17! I was slightly miffed at myself that I didn’t get below 1:20 (it was my not-said-out-loud goal) but then as I was comparing from last year, that means my mile per minute this go-around was around 12:20 – dudes, I’m almost down a minute per mile! That is HUGE. And exactly the type of progress I should be celebrating instead of being bummed about because of 17 measly seconds.


I’m not even close to being what I consider fast, but I don’t care. Because for me, this is fast and ultimately, that’s who I’m competing with. Myself. Chalking up another #nonscalevictory. (Are y’all tired of hearing that? I feel like I’ve been extra preachy with it lately.)

Also, that up there is a nice reminder to any non-runners who think “Oh, just 2 minutes faster? not a big deal. Anyone can do that.” Because it is.

And then double also, comparing my splits from this race to my splits for the 5 miles I ran by my lonesome the weekend before (which were closer to my 10k speeds in 2012) – just proves that you really do always go HAM on race day.

1-My Pictures11Basically, what I’m saying here is I’m fucking awesome. Or at least I felt that way after the race. But now I have an 8 mile run planned for this weekend and well, my 2.5 miles I did on my lunch break today took their toll on me.

So…my fucking awesomeness may be coming to a halt. But for now? I’m basking in all its glory. All its beautiful, shiny glory.

Until we run again! 


Amanda Arr said...

I'm not sure if you were dodging people or animals, but it looks like this year's run was about .35 miles longer than last year. :)

And way to go on the PR! I think running is totally a mind over matter sport.

Kate said...

AH! There is no better feeling than hitting a PR. It's seriously THE best.
You seriously killed it too. Comparing those two races is amazing!

Basically, you're a bamf.

Micah said...

Good work!!

The toothbrush is amusing. :)

I'm in week 3 of half-marathon training. Some days, four miles is easy. Other days, it's a huge struggle (mostly the days I have to hit the treadmill).

Best wishes to you!

jaime said...

great job on the PR!! You are amazing - don't forget that!

The Lady Okie said...

What a sweet PR! Wooo! The toothbrush is hilarious, though. What the heck?

Adrienne said...


You are so awesome! That's a HUGE step up! I am amazed. Anyone who understands how running works definitely gets that!

Bask away ma'dear!