Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love the Run You’re With 5k

So, last Saturday I raced up my running shoes with high hopes that I’ll finally jump into the 30 minute-ish timeslot for the 3.1 milers. I really felt like this was accomplished in January during Miracle Match, but that’s not what the official time said, so I wanted to really make the effort for this one.

I kind of suck at life and didn’t take any pictures though. Oops.

This is a really small race (only 72 participants!) that benefits the seniors of a local high school. But I was pleasantly surprised with the race gear – the shirt was cute, and there was a full-size Snickers bar as well as coupons and information on more upcoming races. They had me at the Snickers bar though. Seriously. If they ever made an Oreo-Snickers combination I would probably keel over from pure happiness.

It was well organized & started on time too. You can’t beat that in a race.

Anyway, my friend Sunny, who has just become a runner over these past few months and I decided to sign up together for this. She’s quite a bit faster [she finished in 27 minutes, what what!] and we had a blast riding there & back, talking about this & laughing about that. You may recognize her from some of my Vegas pictures.

DSC02307It never fails that when we get together to have a night out, our menfolk die out on us first. I know I can always count on Sunny to be my drinking partner. Real friends never let you drink alone.

This is all fun & what-not but Tamara did you do it? Did you finally get below 40 minutes?!

I’m so glad you asked imaginary reader because YES. YES I DID.


I was so pumped when I busted through the finish line, I forgot to cut off my Garmin so that last .24 is off, but dudes, check it – I’m all in the 12 minute range. For the Run of It 5k SplitsI didn’t even think it was possible for me to do that last year. I just assumed I was going to forever be a 13 minute miler. I guess that’s what you get when you assume though, am I right?

I am thrilled with my time and am incredibly excited to continue on throughout the year. Who knows maybe I’ll actually beat my real PR time I unknowingly made in 2010 [34:14]. #yeahright

A girl can hope though. And hope she shall.

Until we run again!


Kate said...

You'll set a new PR this year. I'd put money on it. You're just that awesome.

Sarah said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! I'm so proud of you!

Sarah said...
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Sara said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!! Good for you! :-)

Abbey said...

flippin rockstar.

meg m said...

whoop whoop you rock!
and that's a real friend right there. everyone needs someon they can count in for a drink

Lin said...

Woot! You look fantastic in that picture, btw.

Amanda said...

Get. It. this is so cool to read about!