Friday, February 8, 2013

Resolutions 2013: Month 1

I’ve decided I’m going to update throughout the year in regards to my 2013 Resolutions. I think know it will hold me more accountable if I actively remind myself of my goals for the year. You know how you read or hear people say to write down your goals and it helps you achieve them? Yeah, I’m going for that. So, we’ll see.

I do have to be honest with you though, I’m also using this as a platform to brag a little because I’m doing pretty damn awesome at everything so far. Not giving up in a week like I normally do when it comes to resolutions really does do wonders.



  • Run faster. Goal: 12 min/mile pace or better and PR in the 5k.
    • Dudes. Dudes. I ran today. And guess what? Faster Yeah, you’re reading that right. I’m totally on pace [get it, pace. ha.] with meeting this goal! I have a 5k next Saturday [which is a mile longer than this run] but I am excited to really push myself and see where I’m at. Especially after being slightly disappointed in my last 5k time. Just a reference, I tend to run 13 minute miles. A whole minute faster for 2 miles in a row? Yeah, #beastmode bitches.
  • Lose weight. Goal: 30 lbs.
    • I’ve talked about how I am happy with my weight at 190 lbs. And I am. Which makes me wanting to really lose weight hard. I really like the way I look now and I love the way I feel. So, this resolution is mostly tied to the above one – the less I weigh, the less I have to lug across a finish line. I want to be a faster runner. And with that said, I’m officially down 6 lbs.


  • Save money. Goal: $$ mo’ money.
    • We started a Dave Ramsey class with some friends of ours [who’ve done it before]. I also downloaded an app called Mint []. Basically, you put in all your information and it categorizes your purchases for you and helps you set up a budget. Dudes, we spend more money on fuel than we do on our mortgage. [Necessary since we commute, but still, whaaaa?] It really helped me put things into perspective on how much we were spending. Example: We rent movies from Redbox, they’re like a $1.20. No big deal. Unless you forget to bring them back. Yeah, dropping a $100 on that is not happening again. Seriously, can’t recommend that app more.


  • Become closer to God. Goal: ♥.
    • When Alfred and I first started discussing having a family, we talked about a lot of things. One of those was how we wanted to raise our child, and we wanted to do so with Faith. Well, we now have Lillie and she’s getting older, the time to do that is now. I want to be prepared for questions she’s bound to have and I want her to feel loved in our church home. I’ve gone more in the past couple months than I have in the past few years. We have a new preacher [Hi Pat!] who has definitely sparked the congregation and I feel on par with this. I even started going to a Bible Study class, where I – get this – actually contributed. #whoami
  • Read more. Goal: #13booksin13.
    • I started reading The Mortal Instruments Series. It’s hard to find time to read when I’m doing one of these three things: Taking care of my 2 year old, Taking care of my 29 year old, and taking care of my 27 year old self. But I’ve started cutting the television off [it’s quite the time succubus] and that has helped immensely. I’ve finished the first book and have started the second.

One month in and I’m feeling good about life. And you know who else should be feeling good about life?

Breenah at By Breenah. She has started to run [you know how I love it when people run!] She even ran in 36 degrees today, friends. If you have a chance, go check her out and/or give her a thumbs up tweet @bybreenah ! #motivationstation in full effect and no shame.

Katie from State of Change. [She’s fantastic, seriously, we have this textual relationship that’s so hot and steamy. Literally. We kinda talked about poop today.] She recently got herself a jogging stroller [can anyone say milf?] and is going to become a personal trainer. Amazeballs. ‘Nuff said.

Kate from Begin Anyway. Dudes, she totally ran 3 miles in under 11 minute pace. and on a treadmill. I find I run faster outside, so major props to her. You’re a rockstar.

If you’re super proud of yourself for something, but kind of hate bragging about it – just tell me. I have no problem doing it for you. As I’ve said before, I like cheering for people. Every one deserves a slow clap in their life, at least once, and I can totally do that for you.


Breenah said...

You. Are. Awesome.
We will run together someday. I'mma make it happen!

Katie said...

You are rocking it! And are fantastic. And I love you.

Also, thank you :)

Karah said...

Girl, Dave Ramsey is the best! We started last year and haven't looked back. There was a month where I went back to my old spending habits and it definitely showed... oof! Interested to hear more about your God goal. Now that I've got a kid, it seems more important than ever to invest time into faith, but I have no idea where to start.

Amanda said...

You are killing it in all of your goals. Keep up the good work!
side note: If you ever need anyone else to talk to about poop..I'm all ears. It's pretty much all my friends and I talk about in Asia.

Abbey said...

you're such a rock star. I love that you're making progress on all your goals, but what impresses me even more is the way you're able to constantly support all our bloggy friends. and me.