Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

linking up with Lin & Amber

1. We had a friend-infested time this past weekend where Lillie played pretty hard and mama accidentally drank pretty damn hard, which resulted in moving my 5 mile run from Sunday to Monday. Totally worth it.

2. Who needs cable when you have this to watch? I mean, check out Lillie, she gets on that thing like a freaking pro. I’m not lying though when I say us adults laughed for a good 10 minutes at them.

3. My best friend can wear the hell out of a Moby wrap. It’s pretty useful for you soon-to-be-mamas out there, but I think Emilie just likes to sport it to embarrass her husband. Tam-approved.IMG_0513 4. I did not watch the Superbowl, nor did I see the half-time show. Oops.

5. I apologize for the sexiness in my voice, I blame the fact the kids kept asking me to sing over & over again and not the fact that I sound like a screeching cat when I sing.

6. I’ve made it pretty clear that I love to cheer people on in their fitness endeavors. Sometimes having that little extra push is all you need to git-r-done. So, when friends on twitter post things like “I don’t want to run”, I usually respond with this – RunTweetAnd yesterday they totally got me back when I lacking motivation for my 5 miles because this popped up on my phone [during the middle of my run!] and I pretty much died laughing. Thanks Katie! #motivationstation RunTamTweet 7. Kate [in first picture of #6!] posted a very sexy photo of herself on her blog today. I told her I would do the same. Nothing like a little glistening sweat to make the menfolk in our life go crazy, am I right?IMG_0479 8. I’m considering doing another vlüg, but have no idea what you lovely people would like to hear about. Ideas are welcome! Amanda at Smidgen of Spice suggested I try to bounce quarters off my own ass per this post. Thanks for that one, Amanda! [Also, go congratulate her on her engagement! I love the way her fiancé proposed!]

9. I signed up for a 5k next weekend, I’m hoping to improve my time and finally make it back into the 30:00ish time. My friend Sunny [her daughter is the one in the trampoline video] is running and quite a bit faster than me, so the plan is maybe if I run with her, I’ll be faster. Sounds good, right?

10. Has anyone been to a Body Pump class? The devil woman I love to hate, Moj, invited me to a class but I’ve never been. What should I expect? You know, other than slowly dying from the pain.


Abbey said...

Typically Body Pump classes strive to work every muscle group during the 45-50 minute work out. So at the ones I've done you grab several sets of weights for different uses. Then they lead you through basically rhythmic weight lifting/pilates almost for a song. So you'll do abs for a whole song and then arms for a whole song. It's hard, but works.

My superbowl was a whole lot of sitting in the same room as the superbowl and eating. :)

Kate said...

I showed up TWICE in this post. I feel so special!
And I told you, the threatening pictures totally work. I can't even explain why. They just do.

And I have faith that you'll find yourself back in the 30ish time. It'll be awesome.

And the treadmill video made me LAUGH. I remember when I was little, there was a treadmill at one of my friend's house. We would turn it on super low and use it like a slide, and it. was. awesome. And now I think about how torturous a treadmill can be. :P

Sara said...

I, too, failed to watch the Superbowl and the halftime show. GO US!

Breenah said...

I may be tweeting disparaging remarks regarding running soon, so I might need your stern face. I bought workout clothes today and am hopefully going to get good running shoes tonight (any suggestions?). Thank you tax return!

Lin said...

1. Hell yeah, that totally sounds worth it.
2. Haha, she's definitely her mothers daughter.
3. Those things have always confused me. I mean, it's like a giant rag but you somehow wrap it around you & carry around a baby? Crazy awesome.
4. I didnt either. I could care less.
5. Holy fuck that's some sexy ass singing. For real girl, you need a record deal.
6. Your awesome.
7. You see sweat, I see sex appeal. Look at that hair, skin...love it.
8. Bahaha! That would be one epic vlug. Pretty soon we'll be having 'my hidden talent' as a topic for RT, you should totally perfect bouncing a quarter off your ass in order to vlug it for that.

Thanks for linking up!

Tristan Schlegel said...

I go to Body Pump twice a week and I love it. We have a light, medium, and heavy set of weights and then a body bar along with medicine ball and body ball. We work all groups to different music and it's super fun! I would recommend it!

Katie said...

I made an appearance! I was so surprised :)

Lillie is adorable and will be ROCKING that treadmill in no time. Just like her mama.

Also may need to start using the word friend-infested.