Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Scrubs

Well, aren’t you guys in for a treat this week.

Why? Because you get to see my in two videos. Yesterday I talked about some of my favorite love songs and today, I’m singing to you about No Scrubs.

Well, technically I’m lip syncing to you about No Scrubs with a lot of other bloggers. The wonderful Sar from Life of Love convinced a bunch of us to send in videos that she’d edit so we’d all come together in this beautiful masterpiece of awesomeness.

I, of course, commissioned Lillie to help with my video. She’s a natural, I tell you. Enjoy!

In order of appearance with link to their fantastic blogs:

Erin and Jared: Love, Fun, and Football
B.Rizzle : We Eat Paleo


Karah said...

Mac said, "what's wrong with the baby, Mommy? She don't like that song?"

Lol, pure gold.

Sarah said...

Lillie was in love with seeing herself on camera. My favorite is the 40 straight seconds of her sticking out her tongue. Fabulous.

Suze said...

Lillie is soooo cute! I hope she never has to deal with any scrubs.

Abbey said...

omgosh. love.

Genna said...

Lillie is destined to be a star. I'm sure of it. And the good news is it seems she has good taste in men?

Kate said...

"Aw look. She really doesn't want a scrub." = PURE GOLD.

Breanna said...

I found your blog from viewing the music video on another blog, and HAD to follow you! Your little one is so precious! :) I'm so excited to be your newest follower! :) I hope we can become Bloggy friends! :)



hay your blog is very nice, new follower
follow back, if you like ;) andy

Sara said...

Awesome!! Seriously, I love Lillie in this...especially at the end when she starts crying, and all you say is 'She really doesn't want a scrub.' LOL...classic.