Friday, February 22, 2013

Meet Alfred

I’ve been blogging for like 2 years now and at first it was mostly to people who already know me in real life, but over the past year I’ve reached out and made some amazing friends in the blogosphere or reconnected with friends from my childhood.

And it occurred to me that you fantastic people don’t really know my husband, Alfred. And it saddens me a bit because he’s pretty much a badass. [he gets it from me]. And who doesn’t love a badass, am I right Bruce Willis?

But, Tamara, what do you mean badass?

Well, I would tell you, but really what fun is that when I can just show you.

Yep, that’s right, my husband is the guy that kicks in doors.
{Careful, there’s a NSFW word in there right at the end}

I was going to go on about this long list of amazing qualities he has, but seriously there’s no way that being a good dad trumps kicking in a door. I mean,

But I do have to admit, it is pretty close call.

IMG_0597 Lillie wanted a bath in the sink where she invited her dad to join her. They were both pretty pumped about it.


Ali of Dressing Ken said...

OMG this picture is hilarious! Ha chattin with Elvis. My friend had an Elvis impersonator at his wedding, it was great. Now he owns a Rock a Billy barber shop in Peekskill. It is a homage to Elvis and is called B.S.B.S short Beale Street Barber Shop.

Ali of

Abbey said...

omg that picture. and he's right -- he did make quite an entrance.

Kate said...

That picture.. THAT PICTURE! I have no words. LOVE.

Breenah said...

It's gonna be really hard to top this post.

meg m said...

this is awesome in soooo many ways!!

Katie said...

OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY I DID NOT SPIT OUT MY WINE AT THAT PICTURE. Hilarious! And so sweet. Badass is right. You are a good pair!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Matt would never kick a door down. He would pull out every door removal tool he has to prove that he does need all of these tools and no, he can't sell any in a yard sale no matter how badly I want an iPod that works.

I hope you have that picture during her wedding montage.

Shannon Koehler said...

The video was funny, then I saw the pic! Hilarious!!!! Just remind me to never eat off the dishes at your house! Haha! Jk!

Amanda Arr said...

Haha, that's awesome!

Lin said...

Bahaha, he's a redneck ninja who's a total sucker for his baby it!

I mean, you're bad ass but I gotta say I'd totally be his friend over yours right about now. Unless of course you can kick in (or is it out?) a door while singing the national anthem or something cool like that...?

Amanda said...

oh my goodness everything about this. 1st of all...he kicked in a door. impressive. and then that picture! how adorablle/ridiculous..I love it.