Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Nervous

Tomorrow I’m running in a 10k. But just not any 10k, one that goes through a zoo. cpz_stampede I’m not so nervous that it’s a 6.2 mile run because this will be my second 10k and last week I ran 8 miles. So, I know I can do it. This 10k is not what’s making my legs bounce up & down like my toes are made of trampolines though.

What is making me jig out is that for weeks now I’ve been saying “Oh this is just a training run before I go to Vegas.” Sounds innocent enough, right?

Well, it would be except that means in 3 short weeks I’ll be lacing up my shoes in Sin City to run 13.1 freaking miles. And dudes, that’s a lot of miles for this non-runner like girl to be doing. I do not have what people typically associate with runners – you know, like speed, a perfect bouncy ponytail or abs of any kind.What-I-look-like-when-I-run Did I tell you guys my dream a couple days ago? No? Oh, well, I should have. My bad.

I dreamed that I was in my house, lacing up my shoes and I had to leave to go run. And my husband was like “You can’t leave the house, there are zombies everywhere.” And rolling my eyes I was like “Whatever, dude” and then I looked out the windows and there were swarms of zombies all over the place. Just like..zombying around searching for brains and you know what DreamTam did?

She cried because she couldn’t leave her house to make the race.

I mean, seriously, WTF?

In all seriousness, I should probably stop watching zombie movies during my dreadmill runs. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. 

Eh, I probably won’t.

So this is what my life has come to. Being attacked by zombies and not being able to run.

And possibly having poo flung at me during my Zoo 10k tomorrow.

You never know about those monkey’s. They crazy.

Wish me luck, the butterflies in my stomach are telling me I’m going to need it.


Shauna said...

Ooh through a zoo, how fun!! Good luck!

Meg said...

hahahahaa that is the best dream ever!
congrats on the run!!

Adrienne said...

Okay, I totally missed the boat on this, but I am CERTAIN you did amazingly!

I totally understand the half marathon fear... I mostly just shoved mine out of my brain and metaphorically did the whole, "la la alalala not listening" deal. Didn't work.

You're going to be nervous, that's normal, but I promise, you're going to be GREAT in Vegas!