Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

10Tues Linking up with the wascally Lin for Ten on Tuesday.

1. Longest.Afternoon.Ever. We’re lucky enough to have the Wednesday off before Turkey Day and the Friday, so I’m not complaining about that. What I am complaining about is that somehow I managed to be the only left at work? I mean, WTF?

2. Black Friday is coming up. [Find ads here] I know some people are diehard against people getting up at the butt crack of dawn [or not going to sleep all together which is how I rolled last year] for a ‘few’ deals. But here’s what’s up – it’s a motherbeeping tradition in the family. From the first time Alfred’s sisters asked me to ride along where I bought nothing. To the time I thought I was high rolling because I bought a 27 inch television at Best Buy as a surprise gift to the husband – this holiday has been nothing but a freaking blast. We rent a hotel room, we hang out, we laugh, we share horror stories and we bond. It’s one of my favorite times of the year and unless I’ve just given birth [thanks Lillie] I am all in. I’ll be live tweeting as much as of the action as I can, if you’re interested. @Tamara0827

3. This past weekend, the husband and I met up with a couple of friends and headed down to a ATV park to get a little muddy & a little blurry. We did both and it was awesome. Even if we did freeze our asses off in a tent [we didn’t want to waste time dragging a camper along – totally frostbit us in the ass]. I brought my camera along for amazing pictures and after about 6 it promptly died. And then my phone did. Although, I didn’t mean for it to happen I’m glad it did. It was nice just being in the moment instead of seeing it through a lens. We also met some badass people that totally made our night. [Hi ladies!]

4. Lillie’s party is this weekend. I am way behind on this. Last year, I had extraordinary plans for an extraordinary party. This year, not so much. In an attempt to keep it low key I just pushed it under the rug for the most part. I am paying for it dearly this week. No sleep Tuesday is a thing, right?

5. I forgot to put deodorant on today. I don’t even know how that happens. Oh wait, yes I do. Her name is Lillie. She is two years old, adorable & makes me forget the simplest things. Like, apparently, hygiene.

6. When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year my response was “If it’s related to running. I’m good.” What have I become?

7. My husband finally has the fever. Except he’s replaced the word ‘baby’ with ‘puppy’. That’s a gateway, right? RIGHT?

8. The kid is getting her first haircut on Wednesday. I don’t necessarily feel attached to the idea of not getting it cut, I just haven’t yet – but I guess we’ll see how that goes come cutting time tomorrow.

9. We recently started watching Duck Dynasty. “I’m like an owl, I don’t give a hoot”

10. Lillie managed to find a pair of my panties out of the laundry basket and attempt to give them to a friend of Alfred’s the other day at the house and when he didn’t take them, she put them on her head and ran from me. And in case you were wondering, why yes, they were these kind. FML.


Meg said...

seeing as I'm Canadian and hate shopping in a crowd I have never done the whole black friday thing. however, you make it sound like a freaking blast!
that one-derland party last year looks amazing, I want an oero pop...

The Cavallaro's said...

Umm is Duck Dynasty not the funniest show you have ever seen lately? Because I am totally in love with Si and his sweet tea and naps!

I love that you didn't put on deodorant today. I sometimes forget too. What's my excuse? Umm yeah... none.

Katie said...

Duck Dynasty is my favorite ever. Love love everything about it.

I too forget deodorant sometimes. Stinky kids unite.

And yes, puppy is totally a gateway to baby. At least it was in our house.

This comment was way out of order.

Smart Ass Sara said...

You and I? We're destined to be besties. I can feel it.

Abbey said...

i can barely keep my eyes open for some reason even though it's only 8 so thinking coherent thoughts is out of the question but I just wanted to comment to let you know I was here.

Sara said...

Holla' for Black Friday shopping! :-) I think we're heading out at 9 or 10pm on Thursday this year. It's crazy, and people thing I'm nuts, but I don't care. There's an awesome deal on a TV that I can't pass up.

Have fun with your shopping venture, and have a great Thanksgiving! I hope the bday party goes great! :-)

Sar said...

Wouldn't an owl give a hoot?!

Cannot wait for your tweets RE: Black Friday. I have nothing to buy, so I don't think I'm gonna go out. I'm lame.