Wednesday, November 28, 2012

She’s Two-Tu Cute

We opted to push Lillie’s second birthday one week later into the Thanksgiving holiday this year so that her cousins could attend. [They think it’s fun to live out in West Texas for some reason & can’t always make the 8 hour trip on a whim. Weirdos.]

If you’ll recall, last year I went fuckstupid crazy and worked on her first birthday for months before B – day. [Get it, like D-day, but you know, birthday. So smooth, I am.] It was exhausting, fantastic, ridiculous and I seem to love complaining about it but the truth is – totally worth it when I look back on the pictures. However, this year I had significantly less time on my hands since I’ve decided to pick up on the whole ‘running fiasco’, so instead of months I only managed to work on her second party days before. It still turned out cute & she enjoyed it, as well as every one else who came and shared her day. (I mean, we hardly had any food left so that’s a good sign, right?)


I actually enjoy crafting so, I made her invitations out of a paper pack I picked up from our local Michael’s which I also incorporated into other party decor. For the record, when people say it’s ‘cheaper’ to make your own shit, it is not. Unless you already have the supplies. But like I said, I enjoy it – it calms me & makes me feel like a super mom for at least one day out the year so I’ll take it.

Her theme was Two-Tu Cute so we asked all the little girls [or boys, or men, or big girls – no judgement here!] to wear their tutu’s to celebrate. And yes, they are on the Black Friday Trampoline I so desperately had to have. [Seriously, best investment!]DSC02185

I also made bow-ties for the boys if they were interested but they got pushed to the back of her birthday table and I forgot to shove them on people. I did something similar last year with One-derland things. 1-Lillie's 2nd Birthday1Both were made with the help of my fantastic Cricut [as well as the goody bags below]. Seriously, if enjoy crafting this is something that will help you immensely! I have the small one that I bought on sale for $79 bucks last year. Cricut Everything turned out wonderful, Lillie had a great time playing with her friends, eating too much candy & opening her gifts. Which was a lot. (No complaints here! She’s stocked up with winter clothes now!) The trampoline was a huge hit and worth the 3 hours I stood there holding on to it for dear life before it went on sale. She loves it. By the end of the night, we were all exhausted so that next day when I was going through everything she got it just hit me. We have such wonderful, caring people in our life that love our daughter so much more than we could ever hope for. From family to friends – we couldn’t have made it this past year without your support & love for our daughter. It’s a wonderful feeling to just know that there are people who not only love us, but love her with no expectations other than a hug & a kiss. For the record, she is a really great hugger so I don’t blame them on that.

So thank you to all of you who took the time out of your day to wish our Lillie a Happy Birthday. We truly appreciate it.

And now on to the remaining photo dump - 1-11-24-2012The main portion of decorations. Shout out to M-I-L & Lillie’s cousins who all “helped” make the cake/cupcakes – they were perfect!DSC02187 Enjoying the ‘poline. 1-11-24-20121 My Emilie & Tanner – seriously, could he be any cuter!

DSC02227 Birthday girl with Granny & her cousins.

Until next year, my friends!


Sara said...

Awww super cute party decor! It looks like you all had a blast. :-)

And, it totally doesn't look like you put this together in looks like this was your brainchild for a good month!

Abbey said...

She. is. aaaaaaaaaaadorable. love all the bright colors. and Tanner already looks so big.

Amanda said...

wowwww! What a cute party!!! I love the theme. And I bet the trampoline was soo much fun.

Adrienne said...

Man Tamara, can you throw a party.

Super cute, looks like it was tons of fun, and you ARE a super mom! :)

Meg said...

is it weird that I would love for this to be my birthday party next year.. and I'm turning 24....