Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rock ‘n’ Roll, baby

A few months ago I told you how I had won a lottery – but you know, less of the I’m rolling in the dough kind and more of the My legs have turned to play-dough kind. And as freaky as it was, I was pumped to have Houston as my first half-marathon because it gave me adequate time to prepare [mentally & physically] and I was doing it for a good cause.

Which if you’re interested in donating, The Epilepsy Foundation is absolutely fantastic and can use all the help it can get. I’m sure nearly everyone has known someone [or had one themselves] that has suffered from seizures. Seriously, help us get the word out. I’m thinking for all those that donate I’ll put your name on my shirt I wear in the race as a shout-out – you also may get something awesome from me in the future. :)

More information here – & if you’re interested in donating - and click the “Click Here to Sponsor Me” link.

And while I’m still proud & excited to turn to mush in January as I cross the finish line, I can no longer brag that Houston will be my first. Because turns out – Las Vegas will be.

Yep, that’s right. This girl, this one typing to you right now is going to Vegas to run a half-marathon! 413164_10150499116107739_1965572716_oA little history : Last year [or was it early this year?], when I started running my Anita made a comment along the lines of “We should run in Vegas!” and me being the underachiever at the time thought that running 13 miles was wayyy out of the question. So I laughed and was like “Uh, no.” And then I started enjoying it more, and she kept bringing it up more, and then she asked me a month ago and I was like “Fuck it. I’m in. So, I called the husband who said “Vegas? Why are you even asking me – book that shit!” And I did. 

Vegas Baby!I have actually been to Vegas before. My first time was a few years ago with his sister, her friend & my friend Sunny. Girls trip I guess. I’m not a big gambler so most of our time was spent running up & down the strip finding the best deal on booze. And yes, I still have the boot.173526446112The second time we flew in for just a night before retreating to Brianhead, Utah for some snow shenanigans with Al’s dad & his wife. I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time, so there was not so much booze finding that time. And Alfred wasn’t that impressed either. I’m determined that this time will be different [since we won’t be with parents and I won’t be neglecting my beloved margarita boot].
Picture 126

Anita has actually run a half before and she’s a bit faster than me – so I’m hoping I won’t slow her down because all I’m focusing on is finishing at this point. After my 2 week hiatus because of my ankle I’m a little behind on my schedule but it’s not deterred me. I want to go and run the hell out of this 13 miles, drink a beer with my Anita [and actually Sunny is coming along too for support!] and then enjoy the rest of our vacation [yes, I totally justified the registration cost for this as an excuse since this is our vacation.]

I’m not nearly as prepared with a running schedule like I was with my 10k, but I have a rough draft I’m going on & will update soon. I have an 8 miler in the books for this weekend – which is scary for 2 reasons. One: This will be the furthest I’ve ever ran and Two: 8 is the number of legs a spider has and that’s freaky as shit.

But yep, in approximately one month this girl, her manfeet, & her determination are going to run through that finish line. And I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Unless I poop myself. In that case, what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas.

Wish me luck, my friends – I couldn’t & wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I do if it weren’t for all of your support.


Shauna said...

Good luck!! The Rock N Roll was my first half marathon too!

Sara said...

Good luck! I seriously wish I had the determination to run like this....

Abbey said...


Adrienne said...

OH YAY! I'm so freaking psyched for you!!! You're going to have a BLAST!