Monday, October 8, 2012

This Weekend, I [10.8.12]


This Weekend, I wrapped my ankle like a newborn infant in the dead of winter and babied the shit out of it. After going to the doctor on Friday, the actual doctor confirmed what the un-actual doctor [my husband] had already told me – my ankle was all sorts of stupid. No fractures or broken bones though. And for that my mind was put at peace and my foot was put in boot.20121005120125

Just call me Timberlake, because I’m totally bringing Sexy Back.

This Weekend, I helped out with a local fashion show to help with Breast Cancer Awareness. Lillie walked the stage [she’s a professional model now, don’t ya know] and I was the ‘pusher’ who told the people when to do their runway. It was held at our local community theatre [where I did umpteenth number of plays over my high school career] and brought back a lot of great memories…and a lot of hope that Lillie will one day be up there in the spotlight. [What? I’m not a real parent unless I hope my kid follows in my dreams. Don’t deny. We all do it.]

This Weekend, I enjoyed my husband. We got all gussied up, tried a new restaurant, laughed a lot [bag of potatoes, anyone?], and reminded ourselves that just because we’re parents now doesn’t mean we’re only parents. We’re friends, we’re lovahs, we’re amazing dancers, and we do a mean review of a restaurant [thanks to our addiction to Bar Rescue]. We’re not perfect, but sometimes we can make a damn good argument for it. And this weekend was an argument we totally won.

This Weekend, I did not run in a 5k I had lined up for Saturday morning even though I really wanted too. Actually, my doctor even called me out on it and said I know you still want to do it, but don’t. [Turns out he’s somewhat of a runner and totally understood where I was coming from.] I still planned on it up until I went to bed Friday night when my husband gave me the stank eye that said, Seriously. I hate it when he’s right. I have another one lined up for this weekend, we’ll see how the running shenanigans go this week. I mean, it’s only swollen to the size of a kiwi instead of a grapefruit so that’s good, right?


Jodi said...

No running this weekend. Take it easy and let it get all better!!!

Sara said...

You're totally bringing Sexy Back with that boot....definitely.

Hope your ankle swelling goes down to a smaller fruit size. ;-)

Lin said...

I dont know if anyone's ever told you but that boots makes you look all sorts of sexy ;)

Sucks that you have to wear that around but at least it's not broken.

Anonymous said...

i love that you and your hubs keep your individuality instead of "just being parents". i honestly believe that is the key to staying sane and being happy amidst the craziness of parenthood. while kids are a blessing, it's also important to put as much effort into your marriage and yourselves as you do taking care of your kids.

i hope your ankle heals quickly!

Syndal said...

eek I hope your ankle gets better soon!
glad you two had a nice date night!