Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 10.4.12

[1] Have you heard about those crazy people who say if they don’t exercise they get really pissy and hate the world? I may becoming one of them. [totally weird, right?] I’ve cried no less than 3 times since Monday because of this - Fun with AnklesBasically I’m reverting back to the cankles I fashionably wore in the last trimester of my pregnancy, but unlike that time – I have no clue what caused this. I ran 2 miles on Monday & did some strength training. Nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up Tuesday morning and it was a little sore, so I took the day off – ice, compression, elevation, blah blah. And it was worse Wednesday. I can walk on it, so I don’t think it’s a sprain. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning because in less than 2 months I’m scheduled to run 13.1 miles and I’m pissed at the possibility that it may not happen. Not to mention, I have three 5ks for the next 3 Saturday’s lined up. I have some mother-beeping running to do and carrying around a small potato in my ankle does not help, nor does it make deliciously salty French fries.
Anyway, good thoughts if you have any to spare for me, please.

[2] Lillie’s 2nd birthday is nearing [November!] and I never saw it before I had a kid of my own [because kids were really weird, tiny human creatures that had no right residing in my uterus] but man, why didn’t anybody warn me about how freaking smart they are? I’m continually amazed at how much she grasps and puts together and what she picks up on [she may or may not have said ‘oh, sit’ the other day after mama had a moment when she dropped cheesy pizza on the bottom of the oven] Before I know it she’ll have a mustache & her dad will be forcing her to build fence.PicMonkey [3] I’m totally have a ‘skinny’ day today. I think it’s this new belt I had to buy. Like seriously, I needed one because my other one [from this time last year] is too big. Winning!20121004140520 (1)
 The bigger & shinier the belt buckle, the thinner the waist. Am I right or am I right?

[4] My 10 year class reunion [‘02 baby!] was a success! From the parade, to the pasture party, to the family event…it was wonderful seeing people I haven’t seen in forever and talking about people that didn’t show up. Don’t get your panties in a twist – it wasn’t all bad. But what do you expect? I mean, for that weekend we were back in high school again. And you know how us high schoolers love us some gossip. I do have a camera full of photos that range from completely sober to completely drksnksls,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. [No judging, I don’t get out much.]

Happy Thursday Friends!


Sar said...

That's gonna be my new cuss word of choice: sit.

Instead of "Awww, snap!" I'm gonna start saying "Ooooh sit!" Love it.

Abbey said...

Oh ouch ankle! I hope it's something easily fixable.

Also, you're kid is the cutest.

Katie said...

You look awesome! And I'll think happy thoughts for your ankle.

Kids are too smart sometimes! My husband and I have had multiple "things we should not say" conversations lately because Little Bug repeats EVERYTHING. Plus, OH MY THE SASS. Yesterday I was fixing her hair and she said "I said stop!" Oh boy...

Sara said...

You look adorable in that picture!

Hope your ankle gets back to normal soon. I had a similar problem with the top of my foot. I affectionately named it 'club foot'. It appeared out of nowhere, stayed awhile, and disappeared without a trace....strange.

Kathy said...

whenever my husband rolls his ankles (during sports etc), it looks like that... did you by any chance do this or maybe your foot turned a weird way? he said that his gets like this when he overstrains the tendons in his foot. it's swelling and some pain, maybe a bruise, but it goes away after a few days to a week. he has to wear an ankle brace for this. hope your foot gets better soon!