Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Swap

I’ve been deflowered.

Hey, no scoffing. I didn’t mean it like that. I meant it in a blog swap kind of way.
Well, that doesn’t really sound any better. But I swear it is.
You see, a couple weeks ago one of my new reads - – said, “Hey. Bitch. Sign up and swap shit with other bloggers to celebrate Halloween.”

Okay, fine, she didn’t really say it in those exact words. You caught me in a lie. But, she is awesome enough that she could have and she’d still have had people sign up for it. She’s pretty much a rock star like that.

Since I had never done anything like this – I’m just now getting comfortable reaching out to the blogging community [which is freaking awesome, btw] – I thought why not. And then I got an email letting me know we didn’t have an even number of participants so we were going to do this Kumbaya circle of Halloween awesomeness instead of a direct partnering.

Okay, fine, she didn’t call it a Kumbaya circle of Halloween awesomeness. Geez, what is it with you guys today? Give a girl a break.

Which meant that I would send a package to Miranda [if you’re interested in make up & nails and basically being cool, check her out] and that I would receive a package from Annie. 

And I have to say – Annie, my new friend, you did not disappoint.Halloween SwapOh, what’s that shininess you ask? Why it’s a mother-beeping SLAP BRACELET. I know, you know what they are. SCORE. Coraline [I actually don’t have this movie, another SCORE!] Reese’s PB cups – basically at this point Annie is ranking higher up than my husband. And fingernail polish. I actually think she may have sent me 2 and I only managed to take a picture of one. If so, sorry Annie.

But what I think really made this worthwhile was her note in the card she sent. She said she put all this together with Lillie in mind so we could share something together.

Is Annie not the freaking best? I seriously teared up when I read that. I love my daughter with all my heart so I’m always a little biased when it comes to her, but when other people that barely know me [or know me a lot through this blog] place consideration on my daughter for whatever reason, dude –

Also, she said since she was young she wanted to name her daughter Lilly – fate at its finest my friends. 

So, a HUGE THANK YOU Annie. Way to be freaking awesome. And you too, Lin, for making me get off my ass and actually participate in the blogosphere.


Lin said...

If anyone was ever going to deflower you, I'm glad it was me ;)

Annie sent you some really cute stuff. I havent seen a slap bracelet in years, that's SO awesome! Coraline is one of my favorite movies, although the plump sisters still give me the heebie jeebies haha. Glad you had fun & hopefully it was enough to get you to join up for my Holiday Swap ;)

In other words, hey bitch, join my Holiday Swap cause it's gonna be awesome!

Annie said...

I am sooooo glad that you liked your Halloween Swap package Tamara! I was so unsure of what you'd like, haha. I only sent one nail polish so you're good with the photo there ;) I hope Lillie enjoyed everything with you :D

♥ Annie

Cindii said...

You got some awesome goodies!!

BTW, I'm hosting a lip balm swap!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found you from Annie's link to your post. I just joined a swap too, and you got some great stuff. I love the way you write too. *Follows* I am super new to blogging, so forgive my geekness. ;)

Ooh, try the v-day-mug one! ;)
I'm doing that one too. =D