Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fish 1 meet Fish 2

We have a very large aquarium in our office. Like, 200 gallons large. Let me just be blunt about it, it’s a big bitch.

And in this big bitch of an aquarium there are fish. I’d say somewhere around 30.

Somewhere between swimming & eating & staring at reflections something magical happened - two of these fish fell fin-over-fin in love. And the female has finally laid her eggs.

♥ Sigh ♥

Which, I guess, is a big deal because that’s all I’ve heard this afternoon. One of professors is the mastermind behind this aquarium and he came down to witness the growing affection.

Co-Worker: [clapping] She’s laying her eggs! Come look!
Me: Hey, I lay an egg every month and nobody claps for me.

Mastermind: [videoing the hopeful exchange of fish fluids]
Co-Worker: I wish the male wasn’t being so stupid. He keeps eating all the eggs.
Me: Well, who doesn’t like caviar? Am I right?

Three things are clear from this exchange –

1. I may work with Biologists day in and day out, but I am clearly not one.
2. I need more applause in my life otherwise I may resort to snarky comments about a fish.
3. I may secretly condone cannibalism.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I love your comments!

Sara said...

LMAO....seriously, hilarious! "Hey, I lay an egg every month and nobody claps for me." Oh my goodness, so funny!

Sara said...

P.S. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award, because I think you're pretty awesome! :-)

Lin said...

Dude, this post just made my week complete. Hilarious stuff!

The snarky comments are classic & if I were there I'd totally have laughed & laughed at them. We have a little tank with like 3 fishes & a few months ago one of them had baby fish. Needless to say, work around these parts were halted to witness that shit happen. Unbelievable.