Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dreaming of Lillie

Yesterday morning I sat on the edge of the bed, staring into a closet full of clothes hoping something would jump out and say "Try me on, I'll surely fit!" but knowing deep in my heart that I'll still only be able to wear the same 4 shirts at this point. So my staring was doing nothing but passing the time I'd have to give myself the ol' heave ho off the bed to waddle into the bathroom to do my hair (the one thing I have actually been able to have control over for the past 40 weeks) when Alfred started talking.

Al: I had a dream about her last night.

Me: Was she awesome?
Al: Oh, she had the best personality! She didn't want me to put her down, she just kept crawling all over me. Every time I'd try and set her down she'd crawl right back up on me! 
Me: <laughing> I knew she was awesome.

It was one of those genuinely awesome moments that really carried me on through the day. Alfred was so happy talking about her and the dream, he just lit up. I can't wait to be able to make him a full-fledged if only we could get Lillie on that bandwagon.

Update on that situation : She was supposed to be here Monday the 8th. It's now the 10th and she's holding on to my uterus like it's a lifesaver. The 17th has been set as the induction date (unless she comes sooner, baby Jesus willing) - so at least I know for sure I'll only be pregnant for the next week which is the only thought that is keeping me sane at this point.


Erin said...

Everytime Emilie calls I think...This has to be it! Tam is in labor and Alfred is freaking out! Hahaha! One day it will happen....hopefully for your sanity sooner than later.

The Lehmann's said...

Lol that's what Alfred thinks everytime I call him! But I think sometimes its more for hoping he can go ahead and get off early from work than it is to see me in labor!

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby Jesus with the Golden Diaper...please let Lilly bring her way into the world sooner than the 17th. Tamara...hang in there and good luck. I've been thinking a lot about y'all and can't wait to meet Miss Lillie Mae! Love y'all!!! Tina Steed

Anonymous said...

But it's so nice and warm in there!! No worries!

Fingers crossed that she'll decided to come out NOW... didn't work? I'll try again. NOW! Still not working? BOOO!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, this is Casi. It is now November 16 and I am hoping and praying that Lillie has made her debut. But....I'm thinking not since I haven't gotten a text or email. That means that you will be induced tomorrow.....good luck and God bless honey! The day you have been so anxiously, graciously waiting for....I will be thinking about you and your family! Love ya, Casi