Monday, January 12, 2015

WW – Week 11 - Oops

I haven’t updated my blog in a month. Once our Christmas break started I really took to heart what Ms. Nutralicious mentioned in my previous (Week 7) update and choose to not focus on losing weight over the holidays. Instead, I enjoyed the time I had with my family. And I enjoyed the food.

So, how did that workout for me?

I gained 4 lbs over the past 4 weeks. Actually, the past 3 weeks. Week 8 I weighed in at the same exact weight (190.2) as Week 7. It was Week 9 (Christmas!) and Week 10 (New Years!) that I gained back what I had already lost.

I was a little annoyed with it but can recognize that this is totally my fault. Nobody forced me to eat that pecan pie or drink another White Russian – I do believe though that my weight gain was probably a lot less than it has been in the past years. I was conscious of how much I ate, I just didn’t care how many calories/points they were. Ultimately, I’m okay with my decision and am grateful for the advice to enjoy the time I had with my family without fretting about losing weight.

Last week, I started back into my normal routine (daycare for Lillie, work for me!) and refocused my energy on making healthy choices. I tracked everything I ate and am happy to report that I’ve dropped those 4lbs!

Week 11: January 5-11

Original Weight: 197.6
Week 11 Starting Weight: 194.2
Current Weight: 189.6

Total Weight loss: –8 lbs

Current Goal: 183.7 lbs
Ultimate Goal: 155 lbs

Week 12 Goal:
*Work on my sugar intake*

I’ve seen a few articles pop-up about how sugar engages the same part of your brain when it comes to addictions – like, you know, for crack. And just based on my own personal experiences, I would say it’s totally addictive. Over the holidays, I got a little sugar cracked out (we all did!) and will just try to tone it down over the next week.


Did anyone else get the sugar cracks over the holidays? Or at the very least do something awesome?


Kate said...

I didn't let the sugar cracks get me quite as much this year as usual (it can get bad), but it's unavoidable for me when there's my birthday cake involved. I. love. birthday. cake.

But YAY FOR A LOSS! You've got this. And now? The holidays are a year away, which should help. ;)

jaime said...

Way to go on the loss this week! I downloaded the app (and paid for a 3-month subscription) a few weeks ago. It's definitely kick starting something.

Did you redesign your blog recently? It looks different (I'm also looking at it full screen) and I'm loving it. But I could have been blind for months or something. ;)

Miss Nutralicious said...

Nice! Two holiday weeks enjoying family, friends and food out of 52 weeks didn't kill ya! ;) Instead, you ended the year with a 4 pound weight loss and started the New Year with another 4 pound weight loss. It looks like 2015 is going to be legit! Plus you started the year with an awesome attitude. Go Tam!

Holly said...

Girl, you are human. The holidays are ALWAYS going to get us and make us enjoy more food than we might have planned. And White Russians are delicious so there's no harm in that ;) But I'm glad that you feel like you are back on track and getting your routine back to where you want it to be! You continue to inspire me :)

I've thought so much about giving up sugar, but I haven't taken the plunge yet. I have it on my 101 Things list to give it up for a week, so I might try that soon. I think it definitely is helpful not to have it in your diet.