Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Miracle Match 13.1

Last year I ran this half as part of my marathon training & felt really strong through it. This year? Not even close to feeling strong. I simply did not put in the amount of effort necessary for me to feel as though I successfully completed a half.

The furthest training run I had done was 7 miles. I chose to sleep in, spend time with my friends/family over the holiday break and just fell back into my running slump that’s been hanging around since last March. I briefly considered not running it but then I remembered Amanda from The Lady Okie was going to be there – and seriously, I couldn’t back out. I was also living on that runners high from the previous days 5k.

We met up about 30 minutes before the start of the race so I could give her bag/bib I picked up at the expo and also, to you know, awkwardly hug and say a little prayer of thanks that neither of us appear to be psycho serial killers. You can read Amanda’s recap of the experience here. IMG_0425

Originally, Amanda was going to go for a PR but when she saw how awesome I was (I’m assuming) she decided she’d slow down and stay at my pace. Which means, I basically had a 3 hour run-date where we talked about running (duh), life, God, stupid water stations that had no water, and took selfies (something neither one of us usually do on runs).

Around Mile 4.IMG_0427

I don’t normally get to run with someone, so it was definitely a nice change of pace for me – and I’m pretty grateful for it since I was over it by Mile 9 due to my wonderful training schedule I didn’t adhere too.

Telling Amanda to hurry up.*IMG_0428

*Lies. We actually think we’re just super funny & clever.

We ran through Baylor campus and the new stadium, the zoo, and the hills. Those damn hills. I was already in pain from them so at Mile 11 when a dancing chicken (literally) asked us if we wanted to do Jacob’s Ladder for extra bling, both Amanda and I hit those stairs like a boss.


Amanda’s mom (who is super wonderful & sweet) found us right before we were set to hit the finish line and then we were done!8410_24

We ended up getting a bunch of great photos (they were free this year) and ate some fajitas at the finish line once we got our extra bling for Jacob’s Ladder. 


It was a great experience – although, it makes me a little sad that Amanda doesn’t live closer because I’m pretty sure we’d have BFF necklaces if we did.

Well, now that I think about it – we kind of do – I mean, race medals are just like BFF necklaces, right?

Yep, that’s what I’m going with. IMG_0435

It was beautiful weather, a fun experience and knowing me – I’ll end up doing it again next year (creature of habit when it comes to this race). Ha!

Until we run again, friends!8410_07


Shauna said...

Fun!! Showing up counts for at least 90%, so good for you!!

Kate said...

Still so jealous you two met! I love how happy you both look in every picture. And I just love you.

Also, I wish there had been some fajitas at the finish line of my half marathon! They only had a few pizzas of cold pizza left, so I only ate one piece to leave some for others.. As I left, the pizza delivery guy showed up with another huge stack. Just my luck.

Miss Nutralicious said...

Whoa! Two races in two days!?! That is baller! Also, I feel sorta stalker-ish, but I really wish that I could have ran with you and Amanda. It looks like you guys are having fun in EVERY picture. I just read yours and Amanda's recap and they were fairly similar except that she did not mention a dancing chicken at mile 11. I feel like that's something that you can't leave out. Thanks for giving me the full picture.

Oh, and a 10:36 mile during the 5k is so cool, especially since it was achieved while wearing lipstick. ;)

Holly said...

This is so fantastic!!! I am jealous of both of you and now I want to run with you and take selfies, because that's clearly more fun than just running straight through. Seriously, though. Congrats on a great run!!

jaime said...

I love, love, love this race report. And the extra bling for something you did mid-race? HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?