Friday, July 19, 2013

Mudquest 2013

I’m a lot little late in posting this considering I ran this back in May and it’s now July.


I always try to wait on race pictures so I have something to show you and in this case, I waited, and waited and when they finally came I just kept putting it off.

If there were a procrastinator gene, I’m sure I’d have it.

I ran the 2 miler last year, they ended up nixing that distance, so we opted for the 3.5 mile instead. And by we, I mean, Sar from Life of Love, Christine (no blog, but she ran it with me last year!) and me.

IMG_1517 Sar, me, Christine with our finisher medals

They also had a 6.5 & 13.1 mile course (they also had a course for children). The 6.5 was the same loop we did for ours just done twice. I’m not sure if the 13 mile course was any different. It was tough and by the time we finished (1 1/2 hours later) I was glad I didn’t opt to do the 6.5 miler. They have really upped their game for this mud run since the 2 miler I did last year (I think that was the first one they held).

They had 20-30 obstacles. Here’s a couple from their website & facebook:

They had a 10 foot high platform you climbed up and jumped off into an 8 foot mud pond, it was pretty damn scary but was such a rush. And this huge slide that could totally compare to something at Schlitterbahn Water Park except you only climb up some stairs for that, and here you climbed up rolling muddy hills for like 20 minutes. 

Mudquest 2013 This was the only picture I could find of myself from the photographers. That shirt? Yeah, it was white when we started out. It was completely brown within the first two minutes.

Between waiting to go through obstacles, going through obstacles and trying our best not to fall and bust our ass, we finished in around 1:30. We ran to each obstacle as best we could, but mud is kind of a bitch to navigate so the definitely were not ‘race’ miles. But they were fun. We laughed a lot, held on to each other like crazy and enjoyed every minute of it.

Except for the last 20 minutes or so, I’m pretty sure all three of us were over it at that point.

I do have a nice video of me busting my ass for your enjoyment though.

I was going to explain to you where I was, but just watch the video. You’ll figure out which one I am pretty damn quick.

I had more than a few bruises from this one, but they were all worth it.

Another great thing – we received medals as finishers! Unless it’s a half or full, most races don’t spend the money on medals for finishers so that was a pleasant surprise.

Overall, I will definitely be doing this run again. The cost isn’t bad for a mud run, I paid around $40 with early registration and it’s local to me (Waco, Texas). You also get a t-shirt & two free beers at the end. Y’all know I love me some beer, so even though it was 10 am, that shit was getting chugged.

Until we run again!


Sarah said...

Okay, so first off, the video of you falling is even funnier than it was in person. I think it's because I knew it was coming.

Secondly, I'm so damn thankful for you. In case I haven't said it recently enough. :)

Breenah said...

That looks like so much fun!
And I still haven't written about my color run from the beginning of May, so you're doing good in my books.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Um, now I'm scared. I have the Dirty Girl Mud Run Obstacle 5K on August 3. I have not trained. AT ALL. I haven't run more than 4 blocks in oh... 2 years.

I'm probably fucked.

Amanda said...

HA! Did that hurt?!

Abbey said...

omg that video. perfect.

Genna said...

That video. Loved it! Also your dive was very graceful lol

Kate said...

Omg. That looks like SO much fun. Also, that video? I may or may not have watched it a few times. And laughed. I hope it didn't hurt TOO much.. Definitely glad there's a video of it though. :P

Lin said...

Dude this looks like so much fun! Sucks about your white shirt cause I dont think you'll ever get those stains out. Also, your fall into the damn even I felt the pain. Great job though!

meg m said...

holy shit that fall looked painful! sounds like so much fun though, definitely makes me want to do a fun run like that!