Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little Update..

hi friends
i know it's been a while since i posted
but there's been a lot going and well, when that happens i go into sleep mode
you know, where you just do what needs to be done without really thinking...
like a zombie...
but with better hair {sometimes}
and without the strong urge to eat brainnnzzzz
i think the most uprooting experience we've had int he past month came in the lovable form of...
not me, the husband
which involved a minor surgery
(where a blood vessel was nicked, not cool doctor, not cool at all)
with a 2 day stint at the hospital

fortunately, we have amazing friends and family who watched our Lillie-kins and brought us tasty food and kept me from screaming obscenities into the air at random moments
She knew dad didn't feel good, she managed to stay very still, a first I believe.
prior to this my husband managed to convince me that this was a necessary buy...
she can be such a show-off...
i can't say i disagree with him.
she loves riding on 4-wheelers, the wind in her baby hair.
she's quite the rebel.
and we got two for the price of one.
i'm not a fan of my husband's craigslist obsession, but sometimes it pays off.
we also had Halloween to celebrate.
and despite my husband having his surgery the week before
meet The Flinstones
he was still a trooper
not to mention he helped fix my sewing machine that made these costumes possible
{who needs to spend $100 bucks on costumes, when you can make them for $25!}
and i've been in the mad throws of trying to piece together the plans 
for my daughter's 1st birthday
it all seems so unreal that only a year ago 
i was complaining for everyone to hear that my hell child 
refused to come out when she was told..
and Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away
which means my sister-in-laws and i have already started
our Black Friday plans
{yes, i am one of those people out at 3am fist pumping
at the thought of getting something for $10 bucks cheaper than normal}
this is just the time of the year where everything seems to happen at once
it's all just a blur
so, i'm going to try to stop, breathe and enjoy things
while i can but i don't think i can make any promises
because if this past month, this past year even, has taught me anything it's that
time doesn't pause for anyone
and you better look around while you can
because the view from the rear-mirror just isn't the same


Sar said...

Fist pump away, 'cuz Black Friday is AWESOME. You're the cutest preggo lady ever. 'Nother baby soon, perhaps?!

So glad Alfred is okay! Lillie looks so calm in her daddy's arms. Hard to believe she's your child w hen she's so chill... ;)

Happy Friday!

The Lehmann's said...

Well the plan was to have our kids 2-3 years apart which means sometime in 2012 you will be seeing me wobbling around campus like a stuffed penguin :)
I can't wait
And thank you! I'm glad Al's feeling better too. Lillie has been a huge help, just her presence puts the biggest smile on your face. I was never a baby person but she's got me hooked now.