Friday, March 28, 2014

Lillie Lately v.3

Lillie Lately

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As I’m pulling Lillie out of the bathtub she steps on the side & kind of pushes off. Whenever she does this, I push her higher into the air, she says, “Wheeee!” and then I place her on the rug where she dries off and we work on getting her pajamas on.

Lillie: I jumped high.
Me: I know! It’s almost like you were flying!
Lillie: I’m not flying. I don’t have wings.
Me: Well, Superman doesn’t have wings and he can fly.

At this point, Lillie is either looking at me like I’m the smartest person she’s ever come across or the dumbest. (Pretty sure it’s the latter.)

Lillie: Oh. Well, daddy is Superman.
Me: (Thinking how adorable she thinks her daddy is a superhero) Aww, he is Superman, isn’t he?
Lillie: YEP. And you’re the mama Superman and I’m the Lillie Superman. We’re all Supermans!

Apparently, Lillie thinks we are the equivalent to a Commie-Superman family. Who knew?

Lillie and I were both sitting on the couch. She wanted some more Cheetos so I told her to go ahead but she had to get them herself. They were just sitting on the kitchen counter. About 10 feet from where we were sitting. She quickly hopped up, grabbed a handful, put them in her bowl, ran full blast back to the couch, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Did you save my seat for me, mama?”

My initial reaction was to laugh and think how adorable that was but then my actual reaction was, “Nope! This is alllll my seat!”

She giggled, pushed her way back onto the couch, said I was a “silly mama” and wiped her Cheetos on my jeans. Orange crusted jeans are a thing, right?

We’ve just finished bath time and I reach for the towel. It slips through my fingers and falls to the floor. Lillie places her hands on her hips (she’s naked, mind you), cocks her head to the side and says, “Mom. You’re killing me!”

(The only thing that would have made this moment better is if she would have added, ‘Smalls’ to the end of that.)

gif the sandlot *the sandlot youre killing me smalls

After running the Bearathon I called my husband to see if he needed anything from town before I headed home. He didn’t need anything but he did give the phone to Lillie so we could talk. Lucky me.

Me: Hi Lillie!
Me: I just finished running my race. I’m on my way home.
Lillie: Oh. Okay.
Me: I got a pizza!
Me: Okay, well I’m coming home as fast as I can.
Lillie: Go faster. Like me. I have fast shoes. You have slow shoes.
Me: …
Lillie: I run faaaaast. And I eat pizza. And where are you?
Me: I guess I’m going slow. Give the phone to your father.

This is not the first time Lillie has called me slow. And I’m certain it won’t be the last. Kids. Sheesh.

Real quick, I’m thinking of hosting a weekly link-up starting next Wednesday inspired by the following two posts:

Both articles are from (they have some great stuff on there) and while I was reading, I realized that a lot of the things I could really relate to. Basically it’ll be used as a weekly writing prompt to share your feelings or how you’ve dealt with the situation about the item mentioned. The majority of my posts are fitness related, so I’m hoping to just round out my blog a little bit.

If you’re interested, I’d love for you to join me. I’ll have more information about it on Monday and the first post will be scheduled for Wednesday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, you deserve it!


Kate said...

I love love love Lillie Lately posts. And I think it's absolutely hilarious that she calls you slow. I'm sure that makes me a terrible person, but "I have fast shoes. You have slow shoes" made me full out belly laugh. That girl, man. I love her. :P

I think I might try that line out at my next race.. or on Michael. Or both?

jaime said...

The slow comments KILL me. Lillie is hilarious!

I'm definitely interested in this link-up, too. Can't wait to read more about this idea you have next week. :)

Abbey said...

Orange crusted jeans, boots with the furrrrr...

I'll link up with you! I should probably read the articles first... but if you're doing it, it's probably awesome, so I'm in. :)

Genna said...

She is fricken hilarious. Obviously takes after her mama!
And I love those articles, although I think it's easier said than done in a lot of cases. Totes linking up with you!

The Lady Okie said...

These posts make me think that having a kid isn't as terrifying as I imagine it to be.

Holly said...

She's such a ham...I love little kid conversations!! Also, that picture of her looks sooo much like you, I never realized that til now!