Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smarter than a 5th grader? Try being smarter than a car seat!

I have never been a "baby freak"; sure I do the obligatory oohhhs and ahhhs that accompany seeing them yawn or open their eyes or smirk because they're pooping. I'm not denying the adorableness of babies, because let's face it - they're just damn cute - I only figured I shouldn't get wrapped up in such cuteness until I was ready to have one of my own. You know, in case I became one of those teens on Maury who are convinced they can handle a baby of their own at 12 because they want something to do.

Well, because of this thought process I never concerned myself with holding a newborn, changing a diaper or for this post - installing a car seat. I've had no practice at being a mom. Unless you count babying Alfred, and well, when I met him he could wipe his own butt so not entirely the same thing. I never even babysat growing up. 

So, last night when I decided that it was time to put Lillie's car seat in my truck, I didn't think much of it. I mean, how hard could it be really? I had already prepped my truck by getting it cleaned and detailed last Friday. And just because the only instructions I had that accompanied my car seat were in Spanish that should be no cause for concern, there were some pictures so I should be good, right? 


I wrestled with trying to figure it out on my own for a good 30 minutes, followed by another 30 of trying to find instructions online through my phone, which was then followed by eye make up smeared across my cheeks because I was staring so intensely at the tiny print convinced that I was missing something. 

I'd do something that looked right, step back, give it a shake and it'd topple over. I'd reread the direcciones espaƱol, sigh, and try again. Finally, I'm certain I have it set correctly so I clap my hands, proclaim to the skies that I'm triumphant and that those she-demons who created car seats could never best me. 

Thinking I had the last laugh as I was driving to work this morning - okay, I'll admit it I was a little cocky about it -  wasn't it a nice surprise as I peered in my rear view mirror to find a fancy little car seat just rolling across the back seat. 

You may have won this time she-demons but I have instructions in English now, and you don't stand a chance.


Erin said...

Ha Ha! Oh just wait until Lillie is in the big carseats! They are soo much fun to install! Easiest way to install the infant is with the base, just strap it in as tight as you can get it and you can use the tethers to make is "safer" then you just snap your seat in it. I can help if need be!

The Lehmann's said...

I think I was just thinking too much into it, or maybe I was delirious from lack of sleep I'm not sure. But whatever was going on, it was not going my way. Haha.