Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 9.20.12


[1] Today is the day that we [hopefully!] meet Tanner. Emilie is currently holed up in the hospital cursing at the baby gods [or blessing the invention of the epidural, either way]. Send good thoughts her way that everything continues to go well or gets better or basically, just goes quickly. Being stuck at the hospital with a ton of people around waiting for you to deliver a baby while doctors are all up in your vag makes for a really long day.

[2] I took a Zumba class over my lunch break today. It’s official - I have no rhythm.

[3] I ate a tofu rice bowl today for lunch. Tofu.


[4] I’m still recruiting for our Superhero 5k shenanigans so if you’re interested shoot me a message ASAP. I’ve sent out a couple emails already to those who have expressed interest. It’s October 20th in Waco, Texas and you do not have to run it if you don’t want too. You also don’t have to dress up, but dudes, where’s the fun in that?


Abbey said...

bahaha. i want to be in a zumba class with you.

Kate said...

Zumba scares me.

And I was literally talking about tofu to the school nurse yesterday. I can never decide how I feel about it. I don't DISlike it, but there's just something so weird about the texture. :P

I wish I was close enough to do the Superhero 5k...

Sar said...

Did you do a Baylor Zumba? Who was your teacher? One of my students, Jasmyn, teaches Zumba at BU. Loooove it!

<3 <3

Katie said...

I want to Zumba but I am so scared I'll just be flapping around. haha! I can dance just fine, but any type of workout with set moves...I can't even do the DVDs in my own home without being embarrassed for myself!

Sara said...

I've tried to do Zumba on my XBox...key word tried. I usually get tired after about 2 minutes and decide to stuff my face with Chinese food instead.

How was the tofu?! I am terrified to try the stuff!