Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 9.27.12

 [1] This weekend I celebrate 10 years of being high-school free. I live near my hometown [as do a fair amount of our graduating class – small towns, what can you say] and after working with a few of them on our float for the parade I hate that so many of us have grown apart. We had such a good time laughing, remembering and talking crap – I absolutely can’t wait for our pasture party [yes, we’re rednecks and this is how we celebrate reunions – don’t judge!] and the family event we put together. People can complain about social media all they want, but I guarantee most of us would have no clue what was going on for situations like this if we didn’t.
Front row left to right: Me [sporting my t-shirt from the devil 5k in July], Shutona, Rhody. Back row left to right: Sunny, Lil Mama & Tashsa. Back Back row: Buffalo head.
Class of 2002

[2] I have a 5k this Saturday that I actually registered for like 7 months ago when I only had to pay half the registration price. It’s a Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It’s not a timed event, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll actually end up going. It really depends on the Friday night reunion shenanigans. I make no promises. But at least the money goes for a good cause [which if you’re on the fence about doing a race is a great way to to tell yourself to sign up – most races benefit something or someone]. I did pick up my swag bag and I am loving the t-shirt.

[3] I did Zumba again today. There were only 3 of us in the class [including the instructor] but we still had a lot of fun. And I may be exaggerating but I think my two left feet were actually working for me instead of against me. But now that I type that I’ll probably fall up the stairs, just so they can show me who’s the boss in this relationship. Feet can kind of be bitches sometimes, yo. Especially when they’re twice the size of a normal person.

[4] I have another 5k next weekend and while I was looking up some information on it [Lillie is scheduled to walk in a fashion show that same day, what what?!] I noticed that there’s a prize for most outlandish wig. I think it may be time to pull the mullet out, my friends. What do you think?

We're not rednecks, I swear.
My gawd, Lillie has some classy ass parents. Lucky kid, right?


Katie said...

I believe that is KLASSY with a K ;) Also, yes, the mullet is a must.

Really, you and all your fitness talk is making me feel a bit lazy. I type as I eat my froyo...

Anonymous said...

Yes. Definitely go with the mullet!

Sar said...


Also, Jasmyn text messaged me after your Zumba class today! So glad you like her! She's my fave.

Abbey said...

I'm glad zumba went better. It really takes some time to get the hang of it. I don't have enough brain power to comment on anything else. friiiiiiidaaaaaaaaay.

Meg said...

Please feel free to bring that mullet out often!