Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chub Rub Loophole

Does the title of this post sound like a really cheesy 70s porn to you guys?

Yeah, me too.

Anyway, a while back I wrote to you about how I get the dreaded “chub-rub” which is basically my thighs making out with each other when I try to run in shorts. It can actually be pretty painful. But mostly it’s just wonderfully embarrassing to get all excited when you hear someone is doing the slow clap for you as you run only to realize it’s actually just your thighs cheering you on.

Instead of using it as an excuse, I just run in capris. Not really a big deal except for the fact that I get incredibly jealous whenever I see someone running in shorts. I mean, it’s Texas. It’s hot (hello 96 degrees today!) and shorts come in all sorts of adorable colors. Capris are charcoal, black  & slightly more black with maybe a side stitch of pink. I have a hard time bringing myself to buy another pair of black capris for $50+ dollars. Just, no.

One of my unspoken goals has been to get to the point that I can run in shorts comfortably. I don’t know if that will ever happen, I do have some lovely baby-making hips on me and it doesn’t help that my body likes to store the Oreos in my thighs & hips. I’m assuming because they look like cookie canisters.

I’ve seen running skirts on a few of the blogs I frequent and on National Running Day with a coupon in hand (or in email), I made the plunge. I bought a running skirt (or skort, whatever) that has shorts attached to it. SkortThis is the Pearl Izumi Infinity Run Skort. I ended up getting it on close-out from Sierra Trading Post with an extra 35% off, about $25. It’s a great site for a lot of things outdoors related. I’ve found some great workout gear for reasonable prices on there during sales. Hint – sign up for their emails, they send coupons out all the time.

I received it at the beginning of this week and immediately tried it on to see if it fit. It did. But Lillie kept telling me to take it off that it was Dada’s. Not sure what that was about but you don’t argue with a 2 year old. You just take off the skort, say yes sweetie and make a mental note to talk to Dada about what he does when I’m not home.

Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the ol’ treadmill. I have to say I was really nervous about it. One, because I don’t know if I’m necessarily a skirt girl and two, I didn’t want to cry when they didn’t work out since I had really high hopes about them.

IMG_1611 But friends, THEY DID! THEY DID! I ran 3 miles without a rash one and I felt pretty adorable while doing it.


The shorts underneath had little grippies on them so they didn’t roll up at all on me where I had to keep pulling them down. They did however make my thighs resemble stuffed sausage.

Mmm. Stuffed sausage.


It wasn’t uncomfortable for the wear though. Just a reminder that I have a lot of Oreos still left in my cookie canisters.

So, it looks like I’ve found myself a loophole in the chub rub department (at least with this particular skort) and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to wear it in my next race!

Have you ever wore a running skirt?
Do you suffer from Chub Rub?
Are you still thinking of sausage?


My Moms a Whack Job said...

OMG... CHUB RUB!!! That is classic. I run in capris and marvel at the heavier ladies running in shorts on how they do it. I am still on fence about the skorts, just can't do it yet.

meg m said...

this rocks! I wore shorts once. NOT doing that again for awhile. howvever, loving this sausage adorable skirt look!
and unless you didn't point it out I wouldn't have noticed the sausageness.

Tristan Schlegel said...

I'm definitely NOT a skirt person. But I definitely suffer from the chub rub. Not even from just running, but with dresses too!

I want to run in shorts so so bad! Target has these ones right now that are just like this (but shorts) with the spandex-y part underneath it. Wondering if those would work?

Good that you can run without sweating balls in that nasty Texas-ness! :)

Sara said...

I just about pee'd myself at "Mmm. Stuffed sausage." That shit is hilarious! But, honestly, girl, you look fabulous! I may have to try out one of these skirts....but I'm still not confident enough to rock shorts while working out. My thunder thighs get in the way a bit.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I loooove running skorts! Way better than shorts :) Enjoy them!

Holly said...

Oooooh I need these. I had bought some shorts with built-in compression shorts from target and thought they'd be awesome because they were really comfy when I wasn't being active....but then I ran in them and UP they went. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.

I need this skort. BADLY.

Sarah M said...

I love the running skirts, they are flattering! There are some that have pockets in the shorts underneath. I think it's Running Skirts brand.

Amanda Wissmann said...

Ok, that is So smart! AND They are adorable!