Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day 2013

In honor of National Running Day I thought I’d give you a few of my “best” race photos over the past year. Here’s proof you don’t have to be no beauty queen to get the job done! All you need is a pair of shoes, a race, and not-so perfect timing.

725048-1011-0050s I like to think that running with a double chin makes you faster.Houston PhotoRemember when I chafed my ass? Yeah, me too.

EffYouHillsI swear I have eyebrows. Just not on race day apparently.

IMG_6854-001Hosing off after my first mud run. I seriously have no idea how we have only one kid.
I am the epitome of sexy.

And, for the finale, my absolute “best” racing picture to date.

Sexy Runner Pose 

Happy National Running Day friends! Now get out there & move!



meg m said...

I've tried to comment 3 times!! stupid iPad.

okay. I love this!! these pictures are unreal!
I had no idea today was national running day... probably because we aren't from the same nation...

Kaitlin said...

Haha! You are braver than me, I always take the WORST pics during races! It doesn't help that whenever I THINK the photographer is shooting me I do a cute smile...but I'm ALWAYS wrong and he gets me right before or after. Or I don't see him at all. I always look like I'm in such pain...I swear I'm not! haha

Sara said...

Haha, these are awesome. I'm sure my faces are just as sexy, lol.

Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck said...

You go girl!! :)

Abbey said...

still waiting for my copy of that last one so I can frame it for our mantel.

Holly said...

Oh sweet baby Jesus, I am in love with you in all of these pictures, especially that "best" one!!! You're amazing and I want to be like you :)