Friday, January 31, 2014

2013: Resolutions Results

I really try to make an effort when it comes to resolutions & write them down each year (even if I am a month behind this go-around, ha!) because it helps keep me accountable. If I write things down (and especially if I’m placing them on the internets) I’m more likely to follow through. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but for the past few years it’s been neat for me to go back through the blog and see where I was and how I was thinking.

If you’re interested in my 2013 Resolutions in full, click here. I’ll recap a bit below along with how I fared.


  • Run faster. Goal: 12 min/mile pace or better and PR in the 5k.
    • BOOM, MOTHER BEEPING YES! I consistently ran in the 12 minute range (and had a few 11 minute miles in there!) over the course of the year. I did not; however, PR in the 5k. My official PR in the 5k was set back in 2010 well before I legit got into running with a 34 minute time so it’s what I’ve been chasing for the past two years. I did run a 36:11 time which is what I consider my unofficial 5k PR so, it was still a successful year with this goal.
  •  Lose weight. Goal: 30 lbs.
    • In short, no. I did not lose 30 lbs over 2013. I did lose 10. I’m hovering in the low 180s/high 170s and have been for the latter part of the year. Once I started really training for my marathon I kind of put losing weight on the back burner. I wanted to eat all of the carbs, so I ate all of the carbs. I’ve found that I’m much happier as a runner if I don’t limit myself as much with food (which is my problem when it comes to losing weight).


  • Save money. Goal: $$ More money.
    • Technically no, when 2013 ended we did not have the amount of money we had hoped to have in savings. However, that’s pretty much because we paid off my student loans. WINNING. Instead of hoarding our money we decided to go with the Dave Ramsey approach and roll that debt away. I still think though that this goal was met because we have more money than we typically would have. We also have less bills. The start of 2014 has been pretty great so far.


  • Become closer to God. Goal:
    • Yes. It’s hard to place a tangible object in this but yes, yes I have. I’m attending church more regularly, as well as a Bible Study. I’ve learned a lot but still have a lot to learn. It’s been a wonderful year becoming closer with the congregation and it’s been fantastic sharing myself and my daughter with them. We are truly blessed in our church home.
  • Read more. Goal: #13booksin13
    • Um, no. This didn’t happen. I read 7 books which is more than I did in 2012 but my extra time became preoccupied with my growing toddler and my increase in mileage. It was a lofty goal, we’ll see where 2014 brings us though. Let me know if you have any great book suggestions, I’ll write them down!

And that was my 2013 resolutions in a nutshell. Overall, it was a really good year. I really can’t complain about much – I have a wonderful husband who is supportive (even if he’s not always sure why I choose to run for 3+ hours for fun), an amazing little girl who keeps me on my toes and is growing into a beautiful young lady, fantastic friends and family who keep me laughing even when I don’t feel like it and I’m happy. Sure, things don’t always go how you want them, but I’ve been blessed to be able to witness & be grateful for what I do have. You can’t beat that.


Abbey said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one still thinking of resolutions. Can't believe January is already over. Or, an hour and forty minutes from being over. And every day it seems like I'm thinking of a new great idea for a resolution.

The Lady Okie said...

I enjoy reading these kinds of posts, so thanks for sharing :) I think you did great last year. EAT ALL THE CARBS. Amen.