Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I know I’m about a month late but better late than never, right?

I’ve been publicly announcing my resolutions since 2011 so while it may be an eye roll for you, it’s been a nice way for me to look back over the years to see what I’ve done or haven’t done and where I’ve been at emotionally.

For example, in 2011 one of my resolutions was to not get pregnant. While I didn’t talk about it at the time, I was going through some serious shit adjusting to being a mom for the first time and I can clearly remember how adamant I was about not getting pregnant. But now? I’m in a much better place emotionally & physically to handle that. (For the record, we are not trying. No, seriously, I know people will assume we are because I typed that but we really aren’t.) Anyway, like I said – resolution posts are a gentle reminder for me of how far I’ve come.

So, let’s get to what I hope 2014 will bring me. Or maybe it’s what I’ll bring to 2014. Either way something is being brought-en.

Resolution #1: Time Management

  • One of the things I’ve realized as I’ve been training for my first marathon is I am completely disorganized when it comes to managing my time. It’s easy to procrastinate and say I’ll do it later but when later consists of dinner, laundry, dishes, kid time, prepping for the next days workout, husband time, etc – it doesn’t always happen. I think if I get a (flexible) schedule on the books that is fairly routine for our family, I’ll be less stressed and more present for my family, friends and myself.
  • The plan: Get an organizer. One I physically write down things in. I can’t seem to bring myself to do it electronically and stick with it no matter how many times I’ve tried. Does anyone have any tips on a good one? Currently, I’ve just been writing things down on a notepad I got as a stocking stuffer for Christmas 3 years ago.

Resolution #2: Meal Prep

  • I’m sure y’all have heard of this phenomenon. You know, where you sit down for 6 hours on one day of the week and plan out your entire freaking meal schedule for the rest of the week? I’ve tried this in the past but can’t get ever ‘find the time’ do this. Which is one of the main reasons I want to handle up on resolution #1. I have no intention on making this meal prep one of epic healthy proportions but rather one to make life easier for me on the weekdays. Don’t get me wrong though, I want to eat healthier but this is more for me to focus on how to do it. I’ll focus on healthier alternatives once I’m more comfortable with the change.
  • The plan: Focus on lunch, then dinner, then breakfast. I want to make this a lifestyle change rather than something that feels completely unattainable, so I’m breaking it up. I’m going to focus on my lunches throughout the week first, then Lillie’s (hers are usually pretty easy since it’s mostly leftovers or PB&Js & applesauce) and then Alfred’s. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of just ordering food in the cafe in my building, which is pricey and not always that healthy for me – this should help keep that in check. Then, I’ll move on to prepping for dinners throughout the week and then see how breakfast goes. Anyone have any meal prepping tips?

Resolution #3: Get Stronger

  • I really enjoy running and what it gives me – time alone to reflect or that great feeling of accomplishment – but I’m also finding that getting stronger physically by weight training with Moj is one of my most fulfilling workouts in the week. I like that I have (a small amount of) definition (in the right lighting – ha!) in my arms and back now and would like to push myself harder by cutting back on my mileage for a while.
  • The plan: Increase strength training. Once my marathon is over (in less than a month!) I’m going to go on a running hiatus. I’ll keep up mileage so if I want to run a random 5k I can (I do have a weak spot for them!) I may try to keep it up a little more for a 10k but we’ll see. I want to start by doing another round of Insanity (where I actually complete the full 60 days!) and during my lunch workouts really push it with Moj (my workout partner who introduced me to weights). After that, I’ll reevaluate and see where I want to go next. I’m really excited about this one.

Here’s to trying new things in 2014!



Amanda Arr said...

I like resolutions, but I usually define them as goals. I didn't write any down last year, though, except for triathlon/running ones, but I like the idea of having them to help keep me in line.

jaime said...

We meal plan for dinners. Lunches tend to be leftovers from the previous night's dinner, and breakfast is generally the same for everyone. Planning does help us a lot.

I use the Erin Condren Life Planner. I'm on my third one and I can't say enough good things about it. It's pricey, but worth it. (My referral link is if you decide to try one out.) :) I never give the referral link out, but it can't hurt, right?

Seriously, though. I use mine all the time - for workouts, appointments, work meetings. All of my life is in there.

Holly said...

Yay for new things in 2014!!! Time management is a big thing I need to work on still. I think more like not stressing about my schedule is a better way to put it for me. I get so stressed about trying to fit everything in my days/weeks that it's frustrating sometimes. Paper planners are genius...hopefully you've found something that works for you!! I love my Erin Condren planner, but I've also heard May Books are good, and Target has some great planners in their office supply aisle.

My sister does meal prep but since I *still* live with my parents, it's not really easy to do that for myself. When I'm on my own, I'd love to plan for my weekly meals!! Making it a lifestyle change is awesome and I hope you have worked on doing this!! One thing that's helped me with *trying* to plan meals is to write notes in my planner. Very helpful when I'm at work to know what I plan to do later when I get home.

Girl, you are strong to me just for doing this marathon!!! UHHHMAYZING. But I totally understand wanting to work on strength training. I need to work on toning, I don't just want to run and not see any major results.

Yay for 2014 :)

Holly said...

OH, also, I love your new layout :)