Friday, February 7, 2014

What do you know? A post about running.

So, let’s talk running. Specifically, let’s talk about my running. I mean, we can talk about your running if you would like but you’ll have to email me for that. You know, since blogging can be kind of one-sided when writing posts.

Well, if you haven’t noticed lately, I’ll be running my very first marathon in less than a month.

marathon jokeBefore I hit the register button for this race I remember feeling incredibly nervous because dude, that’s 26.2 freaking miles I’m committing too. At one time. And I’ve continued to feel that way throughout my training – as well, as anxious, scared to fucking death and completely underprepared.

But you know what else I’ve felt throughout all of those emotions – really fucking excited. Excited for myself because not only have I come so far in my journey as a runner but excited to to know I can do it. I took something I once thought was completely impossible and turned it into a possibility. It blows my freaking mind.

You know what else blows mind? That last year 8 miles was my long run and this year it’s my short run. Cuh-razy.

I’ve increased my mileage from a 5k, to a 10k, to a half, to 16 miles (all done on a treadmill, mind you), to 18 miles and tomorrow, I’ll be able to add 20 miles to that list. Which means, after this weekend, I’m officially in taper mode where my mileage will be cut back so my legs are fresh for March 2nd.

I’ve been hounding the shit out of the website for the most current information and trying to figure out the game plan. I’ve even looked at weather a month ahead trying to predict what I need to wear.  And it looks like tomorrow and race day could be pretty similar. I’m hoping that’s a good sign for my two 10 milers I’m doing back to back (that’s what I’m telling myself because 10 miles seems much more do-able than 20.)

Things that make me nervous

  • This will be my first point-to-point race. Everything else I’ve done has been out-and-back, a loop or at least ends up right back at the starting line, somehow.
  • The course will shut down after 7 hours. That means there’s a 16 minute mile pace required. I don’t really doubt I can do that but then again, I’ve never ran 26.2 miles, so who freaking knows.
  • This is The Army Marathon – there’s going to be some badass soldiers/veterans running this. I’m usually really good at not comparing myself with faster runners but I still can’t help but feel like I’m going to the last one to cross the finish line, or even worse not being able to finish at all.
  • I had a serious chafing issue with my 18 miles I did two weeks ago and I really hope that doesn’t happen again. It won’t stop me from running, but it will slow me down and make the next week miserable. I only want to be normal miserable from a marathon not extra miserable. That makes sense, right?

I feel a little better after typing out my nervous points. Blogging – good for the soul.

I have two goals for this race.

Ultimate goal: Finish. With this being my first one, my focus is to cross the finish line and enjoy the experience.

The following goal is what I’m shooting for but not at the expense of the first goal. I don’t want to out so strong that I can’t finish.

Extra goal: Finish under 6 hours (preferably closer to 5:30). I am not what I think of as a fast runner (single digit miles) and I know I’ll be even slower trying to pace myself for 26 miles. Right now based on running calculators it has my finish time at 6 hours or later.

And there’s my running spill for the day. If you have any advice, etc please please comment or shoot me a message. I am not to proud to say that I will need all the help I can get come race day.

In other non-running news, I thought I’d update my blog for 2014. I used PicMonkey to edit my photos and then just kind of googled ‘how-to's’ for the rest of the content. I think it turned out pretty swell (please feel free to nod in agreement).

Stay safe out there this weekend, friends!



Amanda Arr said...

Chafing solutions:

1) Body Glide (;

2) Good ol' Vaseline. I've started using Vaseline on my feet during triathlons and keeps my feet from blistering.

Abbey said...

Still bringing in the awesome race photos.

I love this post because I know that while I'm not there yet, I will be in that freaking out mode eventually. So I'm selfishly very happy that you're doing it first.

But damn girl you have already come so far. You're such an inspiration and I can't wait to cheer you on through your marathon.

For the chafing -- have you tried any of the anti chafing products yet? I just got some for Christmas and haven't had a more-than-10-mile run since I got it, but I know other people swear by it. I forget what it's called now but it looks like a stick of deodorant.

Also, you are so badass for being able to run that all on the treadmill. I swear I almost don't have the mental fitness to be a runner because when I run inside I get bored and when I get bored, I talk myself into quitting early. So I really admire that you can stick it out that long on a treadmill.

One last thought in this random-ass comment -- it might be a good thing that it's a point-to-point course since you're thinking about those faster runners -- you won't have to see someone already headed the other direction when you're on mile 10 or whatever, you know? So yeah, the'll be ahead of you, but I bet you won't really think that much about the super fast people on race day. The thoughts of coming in last... well that's always a fear for us "slow" runners, right? But. If you think about it like you told me as time on your feet, you're doing a lot more time than they are and exerting your body for longer. A while back I was reading a runner's blog and she was complaining about conditions being so bad that a run ended up taking her 10min/mile to run and so she was out in the cold for more than an hour and I was like, daaang that's my fast pace. So in a way I think being a "slow"er runner can be more challenging -- more time on your feet and the mental fitness to keep on pushing when you know that you're "slow" and that you're not going to have a time that will impress people. I think we have to overcome that, which is a challenge before you even sign up. And then, if the conditions are sucky or if our stomach hurts or if our knee is twinging, we have to push through it for maybe even hours longer than a "fast" runner.

So. No nice way to wrap that up, but there's a pretty word vomit of my thoughts on that.

Moral of the story is you're a badass and I'm so excited for you.

The Lady Okie said...

You got this! Seriously, there are a ton of people out there feeling like they'll be the last one too. You're not alone! Excited to hear about it! Good luck on your 2 10-milers!

Kate said...

I don't know if I'll ever reach my limit of telling you just how damn proud I am of you. You are incredible, and I hope to be just like you one day.

Holly said...

My dad has decided to run a full this year when I do my half, and he's probably not gonna finish until 5 hours. Honestly, i don't think the time matters AT ALL, just finish!!! You are gonna ROCK IT :)