Tuesday, February 11, 2014

20 Miles

Last Friday I felt ready to tackle my long run for the weekend (20 miles). I had read weather reports and thought it would be similar to what I’ll encounter during my marathon.

In short, it was not.

But this is a blog, who wants the short of it?  So, let me give you the long of it instead. (Ha. That’s what he said.)

Alfred had to work Saturday morning, but I managed to convince my sister to stay the night Friday and watch Lillie for me in the morning. I wanted to do all 20 miles out on the road (since those miles always go faster than treadmill miles) and had planned to break them up into two 10 milers. After the first 10, I would be back at the house to refill my water bottle, let them know I’m still alive and then head back out.

I had a pretty horrible chafing experience during my 18 miles, so I slathered on some Vaseline, procrastinated a bit and hit the door about 8:30 am. I wore a pair of running capris, a long sleeve tech shirt, my Spibelt (filled with my phone & some GU) and had my water bottle.

Well, I thought I had my water bottle. By mile 3 I realized I had forgot to grab it. Instead of turning around I figured I would just power through.

Note: Do not “power through” a 10 mile run with no water.

I had expected the clouds to open up and the sun would beam through around 9:30 am and things would be glorious. That did not happen. It actually seemed to get colder, the wind picked up and I was running through mist/fog situation that seemed as though it was out to get me. Pretty similar to Lost actually.

Around mile 4 & mile 6 of my run I had to take a miniature break and run some cattle that had gotten out onto the road back into the pasture. Country life, y’all.

At about mile 7, I was so fucking over it. I felt like I was barely able to pick up my feet and my body felt cold. Like, I felt warm but touching my actual body it was freezing. I didn’t wear a jacket or anything because I had thought it would warm up. I told myself just to make it to 10 (I’d be back at the house) and then I’ll just go from there.

I knew the second I walked inside I wasn’t going back out in the weather and I sent the husband a text to say as much.


Normally, I love his tough love approach (it usually does the trick) but this time - turns out, I’m a puss.

I finished the last 10 on the treadmill inside the house hating and loving the decision simultaneously. I was so red and cold when I came in from the first 10, my sister even gave me the side-eye. I managed to watch Hercules and answer 20 questions from Lillie while I did the second 10.

Mom, why you running?
Mom, where is bear?
Mom, where is my milk?
Mom, can I have candy?

and repeat.

About mile 5 I seriously considered bucking the fuck up and finishing outside just to get away from the questions, but then I looked out the window and settled on the lesser of two evils.

All-in-all, it was a shitty run. But it was still a great training run. For those that don’t run, that may not make sense, but for those that do – I know you feel me. I learned not to forgo water. I learned that Vaseline works wonders on chub rub thigh chafing.I learned not to underestimate the weather. I learned not to wear that particular purple tech shirt because it has a horribly placed tag on it resulting in a SpongeBob band aid.


I just took this photo, I promise it looked about 20 times worse than this on Saturday. Or maybe it just felt 20 times worse. Either way – sad face.

But I think the most important thing I learned was, even if the situation got shitty I still powered through and ultimately, I think that’s what I needed to know about myself before I tackle 26.2.

Here’s to powering through!


Kate said...

This is going to sound stupid, but I never brought water with me when I was training for my half. I knew I should, but I just didn't want to. Because I'm a horrible person.

But then? DURING my half, I got thirsty towards the end and grabbed a water at a station. It was below freezing that day, so when the ice cold water hit my gut (especially when I wasn't used to drinking during a run), I thought I was dying. It's ultimately what caused me to walk for a couple seconds.

Regardless. 20 MILES. I want to be you, you sexy beast.

The Lady Okie said...


Genna said...

Um HI who gives a shit if it was a bad run?! You ran 20 MILES! That is so awesome and you are so awesome and that's just an all around awesome accomplishment. I am super proud of you! Run Tam, Run!

Abbey said...

Totally get it.

Also, I underestimated the weather recently too. When I went out in the cold to prepare for running the half-that-didn't-happen in the cold, I definitely should have at the very LEAST had gloves, but probably more layers too. Happens to the best of us.

Totally impressed you finished.

jaime said...

Grab some Body Glide. It comes in a container that looks like deodorant. Rub it all over - your feet, your legs, wherever your sports bra may chafe you. It will be your BFF. I swear by this stuff (and it isn't sticky like Vaseline can be.)

And don't ever, ever forget your water bottle again! WOMAN!

Glad you powered through. It was a sucky run, but maybe you needed that so your marathon will be ah-mazing.

Holly said...

I give you MAD props for powering through it all!! Seriously, I can't even fathom running two 10milers in a row. You freaking rock!

Catherine said...

I am in runner's awe. I can't even fathom 20 miles. I haven't even done anything more than 6 miles so I'm all like...wooooooow!

I'm sorry you had a bad training run, but you got out there (both literally and figuratively) and got it DONE! And bonus, n00bs like me sitting on our butts are TOTES impressed!!!