Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I was recently contacted by DogVacay to see if I was interested in sharing an infographic to my readers. (In full disclosure, “recently contacted” totally means two months ago. Sorry!) I totally got sucked into saying yes for a few reasons:

1. We just got our puppy, Biscuit.

Sweet Biscuit
2. In the email, she called me a “pawsome blogger” and if there’s anything you need to know about me it’s that I love a good pun.

3. The infographic is actually pretty neat & incorporates the idea that not only do we love our furry friends but they’re a great inspiration to workout!

Before I get to that though, let me explain what DogVacay even is – it’s an online community that helps you find local, qualified dog-sitters & boarding for when you are away from home and can’t bring your pet with you. You can run a quick search to see who is near you, check out their profile and price and even read reviews of them. Actually, here’s a neat video I found on their site that may explain it a little better (and more adorably since it’s animated).

It seems really simple. I have not used it because we haven’t really had a need to – and actually they didn’t ask I review their service, although it does seem pretty legit – just share this infographic with you about how both you and your dog can get a little more exercise! Get_Fit_Like_Fido

In case it’s a little hard to read – you can find it by clicking here.

I did this workout shortly after they contacted me & I was definitely sweating by the end of it – if Biscuit had joined me (hey, I never said she was inspired by me, ha!) I’m sure she would have been panting up a storm. I enjoyed reading the facts about dogs too – I mean, shoulder blades that aren’t connected? Can you imagine if this was the case for humans – how freaking scary would a 5k be?!

I will say I felt completely and utterly ridiculous doing “the fire hydrants” but I’m sure she feels the same way when I make her take a selfie with me. Even trade. IMG_4253

I hope you enjoyed the exercise & puppy pictures – and make sure to let me know how you liked the infographic/exercise routine/DogVacay!

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