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Helping Others

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Week 19!

Helping Others
How have you helped someone?
The moment can be big or small – just as long as you made someone smile :)

I’m having a hard time thinking of something that I specifically have done to help someone else without either sounding incredibly cocky or relaying information that perhaps that person doesn’t want out in the internet lands.

I try every day to make myself as helpful as possible to the people I engage with on a daily basis – my husband, my daughter, my co-workers. I’ve found that usually kindness is met with kindness and offering a helping hand is also met with a hand to pull you up when you’re down in the ground. Not always but enough for me to justify stepping out of the comfort of my own tiny world to stand up for someone, or offer food & money for those in need.

I’m always interested in learning why people do the things they do, so when someone is explaining something to me (or I’ve read something) I live to dive into the process that made them think that action was okay. I’m fascinated by it and can often find their logic in it – even if the act itself is completely illogical.

For example, I can understand why shaken baby syndrome even exists. That doesn’t mean I think it should – it just means that I have also dealt with those feelings of being overwhelmed & tired & depressed – and so while it isn’t logical I can understand why some parents think it is in the short span of time it can happen. I hate that I feel that way and in no way condone the act but being able to be there for parents who have felt the same way by sharing my post-partum story has probably been pretty helpful. Or at least I hope it has.


How do you help others?
Or have others helped you in a time you thought you were alone?

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Sarah said...

Your positive attitude and personality help so many people ALL THE TIME. Seriously, you're a delight to be around, and it's clear from anybody who has even seen your blog once. I love that you're so much fun; it just oozes out of your pores.