Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Accept the Challenge

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If you’re new here, this link-up is every Wednesday (until the 30 weeks are up) and it’s based off these two articles – here and here. You are welcome to take the points in any direction you choose, what I go off of is only something to get the ol’ brain ticking. Original post is here.

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Week 12!

Accept the Challenge:
Do you embrace the opportunities that come your way or are you more reserved?
Where does your comfort zone lie and have you ever left it in the dust?

I’d like to think I’m this spontaneous let’s go out in the world and conquer it person but I’m not really. I’m the type of person that looks at something and overanalyzes every angle and every outcome to the point that I procrastinate in making any type of decision and then I’m just shit out of luck.

I think part of it stems from growing up in a chaotic home – things were hardly organized and never planned. One day we were living in Arizona and two days later we moved to Kansas. There was only one week left of school, there was no real reason other than my mom’s boyfriend at the time thought it was a good idea (his family lived in Kansas) and to be honest, it still hurts my heart that my feelings weren’t taken into consideration with it. Or at the very least, that it felt like I had no say in it. As in, no “let me explain why this is necessary” moment.  So, I’m more reserved in my decisions because I don’t want them to negatively affect those around me – particularly my husband and my daughter.

Instead of reserved, I think I’d rather say responsible. Sure, dropping everything in a moment’s notice to fly off to Hawaii sounds good in theory but there’s bills to be paid & mouths to be fed. With that said, the husband and I did manage a one night getaway this past weekend on a whim since Lillie is spending the week with her grandparents and cousins. It wasn’t planned, we just wanted to head out to the coast (about a 4 hr drive) for the day but then ended up staying overnight. It was definitely a nice vacation from my normal responsible mom mode and a good reminder that not everything has to be perfectly planned to have a good time.

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