Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Problem, Uh, What Problem?

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Handling Problems

I do not like conflict. At all. If I just happen to get into an argument, odds are I’m going to say something quick and feisty, then cross my arms over my chest while I stare at you with hate-filled eyes. Nothing else will be said because I’ll be busy (literally) biting my tongue so I don’t say something hateful that I’ll regret later.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, you never forget those hateful things someone says to you in the heat of the moment. And I never want to give someone one of those moments. (Full disclosure, I probably have but I make an honest effort not too).

In my personal life, I’m more prone to run. I’ll avoid the situation for as long as I can handle because I don’t want any feelings to be hurt. This usually backfires and every few months I get really down on myself and lash out at people for what appears to be no reason. I’ve made huge strides from where I used to be. Especially within my marriage. I was so afraid of being wrong, or hurting someone, I would just say nothing and hold on to those feelings of resentment. But as I’ve grown and gained trust in my true friendships, I’ve really tried to make it a point to talk to Alfred (or anyone I’m close with) about things that bother me. It sucks in the moment, but I’ve found if I keep a cool, logical head – they usually do too and after a couple days, things just go right back to where they need to be. Dr.Seuss

In my professional life, I hit things head on. I’ve been working full-time in a professional atmosphere for nearly 9 years and I’ve made it a point to learn from my older peers. I’ve listened to advice, I’ve witnessed when interactions go wrong and I’ve found that most of the time it’s when someone avoids some kind of issue. If you can jump in and fix the problem when it first appears, odds are you all are going to be happier. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it doesn’t make me feel good about myself to get things fixed before my boss can even reply to the issue.

So, I guess I’m 50/50 on it. And I guess like anything, it really depends on what the problem is. If it’s an ever-growing pile of laundry but I can still squeeze out one more wear of my jeans before starting a load – I’m going too. But if it’s something that is emotionally draining and affecting all aspects of my life, particularly being a mother, I’d rather tackle it and be done.

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Genna said...

I think listening/observing my older coworkers in the work environment is my favorite way of learning how to handle problems! They're all just so dang smart and skillful when it comes to navigating iffy territory. I hope some day down the road my younger coworkers say the same about me!