Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lillie Lately v.4

 Lillie Lately

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Alfred, Lillie and myself were on a short road trip (about an hour long) and we passed a small swim park. You could see the top of the slides above the fence and it was pirate-themed. Lillie likes Jake & The Neverland Pirates (and most recently has called her father Captain Hook with his eye situation) so I pointed it out to her.


I swear, we’re good parents.
Also, Alfred says she’s wearing mom shorts.

Me: Look Lillie! Do you see the water slides and pirates?
Lillie: YES!
Me: Would you like to visit there sometime?
Lillie: YAYYY! We can go right now?
Me: No, we can’t go right now. It’s a little chilly out. We will have to wait for summer time.
Lillie: <looking slightly disappointed> Okay.

5 minutes later, we hear her tapping on the window and pointing to the sun that had just come out from behind the clouds.

Lillie: Mama, it IS summer day. There’s the sun. It IS summer out! We can go!!

Me: (turning to Alfred) I’m not going to win this, am I?
Alfred: You do it to yourself. Every time.

We decided that we wanted to plant a small garden, mostly tomatoes and peppers. We bought strawberries for Lillie and put them in her own plant container to take care of. We worked on it over the weekend and she was really excited about it. We had just finished planting everything (including her strawberries) and took a popsicle break. About 20 minutes later, she runs as hard as she can to the plant container, peers in enthusiastically, sighs incredibly loud and walks back to me looking defeated.

Lillie: Mama, they not growing yet.
Me: Sorry babe. It’s going to take a little while for them to grow.
Lillie: Aww, you’re killing me!

Lillie and I have about a 20 commute every day back and forth from daycare to home. Most of the time she fills me in on who her current best friend is or if she’s had a particularly uneventful day, she won’t say anything – she’ll just stare out the window until we pull into our garage.

I thought she was having a quiet day. She hadn’t said anything for about 10 minutes. But then…

Lillie: Mama! It’s a choo-choo train!
Me: [startled because it had been so quiet, and she was so loud] Yes. That’s a train.

We were driving south, the train was going north.

Lillie: Where is it going?
Me: I’m not sure. To a train depot?
Lillie: WE ARE DRIVING TOWARDS ITS BOOTY! {insert insane giggles}
Me: [laughing] Yeah, it’s actually called a caboose.


Just because.


Sarah said...

Cabooty is genius. GENIUS.

Breenah A said...

Cabooty! I love it.

Genna said...

LOL cabooty. I'm gonna steal that word.

Holly said...

Adorable. For serious. Just like her mama :)