Thursday, April 17, 2014

Silly Doctors

So, y’all remember last week when I fractured my foot? IMG_3632

Wait. Let me phrase that in a better way.

So, y’all remember last week when the doctors thought I fractured my foot?

Yeah, go ahead and grab that subtle foreshadowing for what I’m about to say and chew on it for a minute.


I went for my follow-up appointment with my orthopedic doctor on Wednesday and his exact words, “Well, it’s not fractured because you are special.”

I could have jumped for joy (if I weren’t dragging around a 20 lb freaking boot on my left foot); I even had mentioned to Amanda over email right before the appointment about my high hopes. I guess they weren’t too high though, were they?

Easter Miracle

It wasn’t word for word – but basically, that’s how it went down. Silly doctors.

Turns out when the ortho doc said I was special he meant that I actually have a navicular ossicle that made it look like I had fractured my foot when in reality it was just a really horrible sprain in a really crappy place.

A navicular ossicle is basically an extra bone in my foot that is only prevalent in about 2-12% of people. Usually no symptoms and most people aren’t even aware you can have one. Because it’s not all that common the other two doctors I visited weren’t really sure what they were looking at and just assumed the worst and threw me in crutches and a boot.


I’m now convinced this is the source of all my awesomeness. I have no shame in that.
Also, that is not my x-ray. Yay for Google Images!

To be honest, I probably really did need both of those things at least the first three days. And it’s actually still sore but I’m sitting her typing in my regular tennis shoes and that is golden. I am beyond thrilled. Alfred is having a grand old time telling me that he knew I was faking the entire time and I’m having a great time not walking with crutches.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the good thoughts & prayers – they clearly helped!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone, I know I will!


Holly said...

YAYYYY!!!! :-D Awesome news about your extra awesomeness :-D But really, I'm so happy it's not fractured, that's a way better thing to deal with!!

Kate said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY. I'm so excited for you and your extra foot bone! I'm sure I could come up with some pretty sweet jokes about you and your, ya know, bone. wink wink. But uhhh.. I'm going to not to that.

Amanda Arr said...

Woo hoo!

The Lady Okie said...

So, I'm pretty much going to say that I have magical healing email powers. You're welcome.

Lin said...

Yay for it not being fractured! And that doctor was right, you're totally special ;)