Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Honestly, though.

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Lets Be Honest - Week 3

You know, being honest can actually be pretty hard. It’s easy to add on a little fib here or there in the dramatic story you just happen to be sharing. I think blogging really does amplify that. We want what we share to be the funniest, most awesome, most tear-jerking thing you read, so we add some flare. Overall, a little flare doesn’t bother me – as long as it’s easy to distinguish that from a bold-faced lie.

Flare: Girl yes, I swear I was on the phone with the damn electric company for 2 hours! Okay, fine, it was only 20 minutes but you know what I mean. Like they’ve never had someone pay a bill late before.

Bold-faced Lie: The electric company shut me off for no damn reason at all and everything in my icebox is bad. It’s going to cost me hundreds of dollars. I can’t believe this is happening to me!

I think though, it’s even harder to be honest with yourself. It’s easy to look at the lies/fibs you see social media, your friends & family, etc portray and think those apply to me without really looking within yourself to see why you think that.

Before I really made an effort to get healthy (by running mostly and eating slightly better) after I had Lillie, I remember reading all these glorious articles about how breastfeeding just drops the pounds after you have a child.

Hey, let’s attach a small child to your boob and BAM! you’re instantly 3 sizes smaller! Best weight loss program, EVAH.

I was convinced that this was my truth and when it turned out it wasn’t (which is actually pretty common despite the articles out there you come across) I was devastated. You mean, I have to actually put forth effort in eating right & exercise? BOLOGNA.

MMM. Bologna.

I cried about my lack of weight loss outwardly but inwardly I knew that I was failing me because I was lying to myself about my true effort in getting healthy. Once I became honest with myself about my own shortcomings, I began to enjoy my new adventure into running. I began to enjoy my new life. I was proud of what and who I was becoming. And that all started with me being honest with myself.

It’s really hard to look at your life to see where improvements can be made to only realize the reason those improvements haven’t been met sooner is because of you. But the sooner you do it, the easier the rest of your life gets. Sometimes honesty hurts but in the long haul, (for me at least) it seems to be worth it. So, I try my best to deal with the truth even when I don’t want to. And I try to do it with a smile on face and warmth in my heart.

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Genna said...

I commend anyone who can be honest with themselves about their physical flaws. Those to me are the hardest. Being bossy or impatient or any character flaws play second fiddle to that. Kudos to you for being able to do that! That takes a lot of guts.

Holly said...

Yes, I am definitely on board with what you're saying. It's similar to what I said today, too, because if we aren't honest with ourselves then we aren't going to change. I mean, we can go a little overboard (like what I wrote about) but for the most part we just need to recognize the areas we need/want to change and put forth the effort to make that happen.

The Lady Okie said...

I do enjoy some added flare, but I feel you on the bold-faced lie. Sometimes it's unfortunately hard to tell where the line is. Thanks for being honest about the breastfeeding thing too! I have thought that, but you're right it might not be how it is for everyone.

Sarah said...

Noooo! I don't have any plans to have kids any time soon, but was kinda hoping breast feeding would totally make me tiny. ::Cries::

Thanks for the wake-up call. Also, so bummed I missed the start of these! I may have to jump on the train!