Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Making Mistakes

Lehmann Laughter

It’s Week 7!

As a quick run down, this link-up is based on these two articles – here and here. You are free to take the topics in any direction you like – I am only providing a guideline to get the ball rolling. Hell, I may not even follow what I wrote. I’m a rebel in that way.

You can find the remaining topics by clicking here or downloading the PDF.
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Simple answer (and it should be for anyone) is yes, I’ve made mistakes. Whether they’re in the friendships I’ve had, my marriage, my professional life, my parenting skills (or lack of) and just in life in general. I think one of the most important things I’ve been fortunate enough to learn in my life (and willing to learn) is to accept responsibility for those mistakes.

It really sucks to own up to the fact that I can be a total asshole, but in the long run it’s really helped me weed out the people in my life that are there to support as opposed to tearing me down. That basically means as I’ve grown into my 20s that my huge circle of friends has dwindled down significantly. Quality over quantity, right?

I think back to things I said when I was younger, specifically mean things (gossip and all) and while I feel like overall, I was a nice girl – I certainly could have bit my tongue more. Or stuck up for more people. Being talked about behind your back by your friend really sucks but being talked about behind your back by people who don’t know you while your friend stands idly by eating her boogers? Now that’s some pretty shitty shit. Knowing how much something like that hurts and holding on to that, can really help you make a conscious effort to be the better person.

And being better than I was yesterday because I own up to the mistakes I’ve made in my life? Sounds like an okay deal to me.


Genna said...

We basically started our posts the exact same way. And let's face it, we're all assholes sometimes, it's best just to own up to it and call it a day. And hell yes, quality over quantity. Amen times 1000.

The Lady Okie said...

Usually when Jordan calls me out on something, I get defensive and I'm all, "um.... no you're wrong." Then I think about it for 2 seconds and realize he's right. I'd say I'm good at *eventually* owning my mistakes. But my pride stops me from immediately taking the blame, if you know what i mean ;)