Thursday, June 5, 2014

National Running Day 2014

Last year on National Running Day I went back & forth on whether or not I should post something inspirational or motivational – I eventually decided on doing neither.

Instead I decided to share some of my “best” race photos over that past year. And by best I mean – absolutely shameful. The kind of photos you would un-tag of yourself if they showed up on your Facebook feed and then give your friend the stank eye for even uploading them in the first place. Well, everyone except me.

You see, I love every single race photo I take. Even the bad ones (especially the bad ones!) because they share my personal message that you don’t have to look like a runner to be a runner. It’s all in the attitude you have.

 From sliding down a 40 foot tarp into a pool of mud.

Mudquest 2013

To using all your strength for a jumping photo in a race only to find out the photographer didn’t even capture the jump. Or maybe he did and the fact is, you really just have no ups.


To running incredibly fast by your husband that he catches the most amazing action* shot known to man. Even though clearly there’s a girl in a boot beating you.

*this photo may or may not have been staged for the purposes of this blogIMG_1807

And there was that one time when I had no neck. After the race, I went home and the only shampoo I could use was Head & Shoulders. Get it? Get it?! BECAUSE I HAVE NO NECK, IT’S ONLY FOR HEAD AND SHOULDERS.
Oh, I kill me. 

No Neck, No shame

Hope you all had a wonderful National Running Day! Until next year!



Holly said...

Thumbs up for awesome pics ;)

jaime said...

You have the best race photos! Happy National Running Day! :)

OtherMix said...

I love them! :]
I have a few where I look like a giant running lobster near the finish, aka red face all over! ^^'

The Lady Okie said...

I love your race pictures so much.