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Lehmann Laughter

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Week 18.

Let It Go
(Yes, I totally based the title off the theme song from Frozen. No shame.)
How do you forgive? Can you forget?


Forgiveness can be really hard – especially if something has truly hurt or disappointed you or just straight out surprised you (in a bad way). I know I’ve had more than my fair share of those moments in my life but whenever something like that happens, I step back. I try to put myself in their shoes and see it from their perspective. Sometimes I can understand where the hurting me came from and in those instances, forgiveness seems to come easy. I don’t forget how they hurt me though but I try to learn from it. I am more cautious of our relationship and building that trust up is a process but it can be done.

The problem lies within those hurtful things that I don’t understand, where I can’t see their reasoning clearly – and that’s what muddles my forgiveness gene. It takes soul searching, time and prayer for me personally to push past that.

Once I was hurt by a friend (or who I thought was a friend) and I couldn’t understand why she’d do something like that, it still baffles me to be quite honest, and so I really tried to push past it and let it go. We didn’t talk for months and then randomly ran into each other one day, it took everything I had not to push her down 3rd grade style, kick dirt in her face and yell at her. Instead, I focused on everything that was great in my life and smiled politely while we small talked before going on our way to our separate lives.

I cried later to Alfred who very accurately reminded me of all the drama that surrounded this person and how much negativity I had in my life when she was around. Having someone there to be objective about a situation really does help me find my happy place where I’m comfortable giving forgiveness. Sometimes people don’t even know I have (or more than likely that don’t even know it was warranted in the first place) forgiven them and it’s just easier to move on with life without making a scene about it. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m the one who’s needed forgiveness before – so thinking about that keeps me in check.

Do you have a hard time forgiving others?
Can you just let it go?


The Lady Okie said...

My mom is really good at forgiving people, and she's been a great example to me of what that looks like. We talked in church a few weeks ago about forgiveness and righteous anger, and I've been trying to remember to have that kind of attitude.

Adrienne said...

I've been loving these posts! What a good way to get writing but they're also deep. Forgiveness is really hard sometimes. I love your attitude about it. :)