Thursday, August 21, 2014

Runners Tell All: What is your training routine?

I decided to do something crazy. Something wild. Something insane.
I’m sponsoring this month’s Runners Tell All! I know, cuh-razy, but I figured in honor of my birthday month (no shame in shouting out my own birthday – it’s this Saturday by the way) I’d step a little out of my blogging comfort zone. Life is good when you’re about to be twenty-fine (not a typo), so let’s get started!

Training Routine.
This prompt couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as I just started training for my fall races last week. I mostly took off from running over the summer because I had a non-fractured foot that was healing and wanted to try my hand at weight lifting.
For the past two years I’ve really enjoyed learning to love the run itself and haven’t been crazy interested in getting faster. But then my marathon happened (or didn’t happen) and I know if I would have been faster I would have completed the race – so I’ve decided to start from the bottom up. That 5k time is going down this fall.

Like all of you, I have a busy life - working full-time, being a mother to an incredibly awesome 3 year old and a wife to a very studly 31 year old – so in order to get my workouts in my best option is my lunch hour. It’s not for everyone but I work in Higher Education and have the luxury of free access to the gym. It’s literally a 2 minute walk from my office. My excuses are limited. Le sigh.
Today, I wanted to share with you a few of my training routine tips that help me get in and out of the gym in less than an hour and still looking somewhat presentable.
Tam's Tips
  1. Pack your bag. I (really try to) pack my gym back the night before and put it in my truck – that way the excuse “I don’t have my stuff” won’t technically work. Especially when my mind is telling me I should take a nap in my truck instead. (For the record, lunch hour quickie naps are the best.)

    If you’re able, I would recommend renting a locker so you don’t have to tote a ton of stuff every day. You can keep your essentials in there. A few things in mine are: deodorant, blow dryer (with a cool setting), dry shampoo, and extra hair ties/bobby pins. I also keep out my printed workout sheets as a fall-back plan (see #1) in a little pile that I can pull from if need be.

    Things in my gym bag: clean dry underwear.

    I don’t know about you but I sweat like a chicken in a deep fry competition and to combat that, I need some clean panties. I just can’t get behind butt-sweat. (See what I did there! ha!)

    Other essentials in my bag: gym clothes, tennis shoes, O2 Gold, body wipes, towel, headphones, make-up bag.
    Lies & Truth
  2. Plan your workout. I can’t stress this enough – know exactly what you’re wanting to do when you get to the gym so you don’t waste time wandering around wishing you were eating enchiladas instead. I usually write down my plan of attack on a small piece of paper or put it in the notes section of my phone.

    Also, have a small inkling of a back-up plan in case the equipment you need is full or out-of-order. For me, the first few weeks of the new semester the gym is packed with all the new incoming students wanting to look fly,and I plan accordingly. Treadmills all taken? No worries, I’ll hit up the stair master.

    Since I work so close to my gym, travel time isn’t usually taken into account, but I can generally get a solid 40 minute workout in – with the other 20 minutes spent on changing into and out of my gym clothes. 
  3. Shower or No Shower? Um, can I be real with you guys? I totally don’t take a shower after every workout. Sometimes I’m just not that sweaty to justify wasting 5 minutes rinsing off that could be better spent towards running an extra half mile.

    On those non-shower days, I wipe myself down with a body wipe, apply deodorant, & body spray and BAM, smelling like an artificial rose in no time. On days when I look like this after my workout,
    there’s just no way around it despite my best efforts.
  4. Looking Presentable. I keep a blow dryer in my locker that has a cool setting on it (because let’s face it, I ain’t about to blast my body with HOT air after a speed session) and try to wrangle this hair situation I have. Sometimes my hair will have mercy on me and I can go for the beach wave look afterwards and let it dry naturally – most times, it goes in a braid or a bun.

    For make-up, my face usually stays pretty red for about 20 minutes after a workout, so I’ll throw some powder on, fix any smudged eyeliner or mascara and add some lip gloss. Boom. Nailed it. 

I think the best tip I can give you is to keep it simple as possible. The more extras you throw in there, the less time you have to murder that workout.
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Now, your turn! Tell us about your training routine by linking up below.


Kate said...

If I'm being completely honest, seeing your hair always looking so natural and awesome is a big reason why I'm attempting to grow my hair out for the first time in.. ohh... a long time. When my hair is short, it doesn't look good when I leave it curly, but I'm hoping that maaaaaybe I can let it get long enough to look good again. (I realllly want to cut it though. Trying to be strong!)

1. I WISH I had a gym I could use. But.. here's a secret. They cleaned out a classroom under the library and the girls' bball coach had a very, very small amount of workout equipment donated so the girls didn't have to use the football weight room. I've considered sneaking down there to use it when they are finished! I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
2. I'm lucky since I don't have scheduled classes, but our "official" lunch time is only 25 minutes. Sooooo.. bahahaha. Yeah. Not working out. Definitely eating. ;)
3. I can't wait until you PR the shit outta your 5K.

Ali said...

I am amazed that you can pull all this off in an hour. Mad props to you!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I am totally impressed that you work out during your lunch break?! I wish I could be that disciplined. And good luck with the 5k!

Jenny Fish said...

I'm impressed that you can get in and out of the gym during your lunch break. I would always have to take a shower and my hair never has mercy, so I just try to get it in before work!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I love your running tips! I also think it is really great that you aren't letting your marathon keep you down but that you are coming back stronger! I can't wait to hear about it.

You aren't the only one who doesn't shower. Personally, I hate showering. It's a pain in my rear to get my hair wet, dry it and fix it. So ... sometimes I go to crossift and it is 100+ degrees out, I sweat like a nasty man and then I don't shower. I know, that is gross. If I'm super sweaty I'll rinse my body off and just braid my hair. However, there are some times where my husband gets near me and says "Um, have you showered yet?" ba ha ha! I just made myself sound really gross but I think it is easy to get clean without fully showering.

When is your 5k race?

Abbey said...

Dude. I am totally in awe of people who can work out over their lunch break. Too. Much. Work. and sweat. But right on.

Al@PolkaDotsandPaisley said...

I just can't get passed the hair thing. I love the fact that you eliminate as many excuses as possible but I love my straightening iron and spend a stupid amount of time straightening my hair every day. If I put it back I look like an 8 year old.

Anonymous said...

The pictures you paired with this post are hilarious--totally made me smile. I'm not so sure I could go showerless, but all the power to you if you can. Enjoyed reading your post!

The Lady Okie said...

FOR REAL. You are my hero. I would totally maybe do this IF I A) had a gym to go to and B) wanted to give up my quickie lunch car naps. But I love my car naps too much! Just kidding but seriously. I love the pictures, and I think it's awesome you're finding a way to workout and have a life and a kid. Thanks for sponsoring! Happy early birthday, friend!

Micah said...

This is awesome. I only have an hour for lunch and it takes five minutes to drive to and from my gym. If you add another five minutes to change, that leaves me just 40 minutes for a workout. :( Otherwise, I would love a lunchtime workout.

Laura said...

These tips are so great. Lucky you for having a gym so close by, but also sad times for having no excuse on those days that you just don't want to workout.
Laura xx

Laura said...

These tips are so great. Lucky you for having a gym so close by, but also sad times for having no excuse on those days that you just don't want to workout.
Laura xx

Miss Nutralicious said...

When I was in school I interned in a public health setting that offered fitness classes at noon. My boss would attend and then stick around after to give nutrition advice (I always tagged along). It was the BEST gig. Plus, my boss didn't always change out of her fitness gear after lunch, and if she didn't I didn't either. Afternoon work in exercise clothes? #Bonus! I miss lunchtime workouts.

Anonymous said...

Great tips! I never know what to do with my hair after a workout when going back to work and still look presentable.

Andrea H. said...

Hope you had a SUPER happy birthday! Loved reading your post! Great tips! I've thought about working out at lunch time, but usually just end up going the after work route. Maybe I'll give it a shot using some of these tips :)

Tracy said...

I am seriously in awe of people who can run on their lunch break. You got it down pat!
Confession: I had about a 2-hour break today when I could run, and I thought about bringing my running stuff with me, but I was too embarrassed because my shoes seriously REEK. So I biked home first (it's only a couple miles) instead.