Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meeting New People

Lehmann Laughter

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Meeting New People
Do you make friends easily? Does it make you anxious?

Yes, I think I make friends easily or at the very least I think I’m pretty easy to get along with. In the previous post, I mentioned how I’m cautious when it comes to allowing new people into our life but the actually meeting new people part when we’re out and about – comes fairly easy to me. As it does for Alfred, probably why we always get confused for swingers (true story). We’re just friendly people.

Anyway, we moved around a lot growing up and so I’ve had a lot of experience with introducing myself to people. I saw how friendly my mom was in her job (she’s a waitress) and I loved watching her interact with people, she was always so easygoing and laughing. The thing I’ve found is people like to laugh and so they like to be around people who make them laugh, and that’s kind of just how I’ve always rolled. My sister & brother are the same way. We can laugh for hours at nothing and everything.

My husband tells me that’s why we have chipmunk cheeks. The muscles are strong in these ones.


How do you feel about meeting new people?

Do you gravitate towards them or shy away?


Miss Nutralicious said...

Oddly, I was just talking about this topic with my husband yesterday. We are on vacation right now, and I have been doing a lot of fun things that I don't normally get to do at home (hiking, trying new restaurants, state parks, etc.). I told my husband, "when we get home, I think I need to make some new friends interested in the things I like." This led to 30 minutes of team brainstorming on how I can make new friends. ha ha! I know that sounds so lame. The thing is, I am really good at meeting people, but not good at meeting people with similar interests. I have a very hard time letting new people into my life!

The Lady Okie said...

I usually gravitate toward people. I've been told I'm easy to get along with, and generally I like including as many people as I can in conversations and such. That's funny about chipmunk cheeks. Jordan's told me that too, but it's because I had really fat cheeks in college. Not because I laugh a lot. What a jerk.