Friday, April 5, 2013

Easy Peasy Chicken Greasy

Do you guys ever take pictures with every intention of posting them on your blog and then, like, you never do?

I do this all.the.time. Like, I’ll take a photo and think, “Oh that would be a good post about (insert post subject here)” and then by the time I get near a computer I totally brainfart. I then have 25 nearly identical copies of the same photo stuck on my camera/phone for years weeks.

Uh, yeah

I have a problem with deleting apparently. Oops.

So, I thought I’d just do a fun, photo-filled post for Friday of random pictures I’ve taken recently.
Easy peasy chicken greasy.

DSC02516 Easter 2013 loot. Yes, her hand is in a box of candy.

IMG_1013 Church Easter Egg hunt with her cousins. They loaded up.

IMG_1045 What my daughter sees every day. My gawd, she is lucky. (Yes, she took this picture)

IMG_1058Park time! And because my best friend called it – The bigger the bow, the better the mama.

IMG_0955  She looks terrified, but I promise she loved going to Sesame Street Live.
Just not as much as I did apparently.

IMG_0970Monkey see, Monkey do.
Kids are weird, am I right?

Here’s to a great weekend!


Sara said...

Love the pictures! :-)

Breenah said...

Haha, my siblings and I used to do that in the last photo ALL the time.

DumbFunnery said...

Gah, that last picture looks like you're training a tiny, fit army. Frightening!

Also why would someone get candy and then NOT shove their hand in the box of candy?

And in unrelated news ...

I got an award on my blog and part of the award involves naming ten other blogs that you want to pass the award on to. So ... you made the list. Happy happy joy joy!

meg m said...

love this!
I always do that with pictures... whoops

Holly said...

Um I do that with pictures ALL THE TIME. I mostly think of things when I'm running, and then when I stop...POOF, it's gone.

Loved seeing all the pics, though!!