Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Training Tuesday…err Wednesday

It's another Tuesday Workout Wednesday, so you know what that means!

This link-up is just a way to talk about training [in any way, for anything] to help hold ourselves accountable and possibly brag a bit. I mean, you ran 1 mile without stopping – you totally deserve a chance to brag about it! That shit is hard. You did 10 push-ups in a row, HOLLLEERRR.

And even if you’re not training for anything, you’re just putting yourself out there to be healthier, to get slimmer, to whatever you can share it on Training Tuesday. Let’s say you were sitting at home and instead of eating a carton of Oreos you instead ate 20 baby carrots and just imagined they were chocolate-y crèmey goodness [hypothetical situation, of course] – share it here!

Abbey & I don’t discriminate – we congratulate.
Grab the button up above & link-up down below to let us know what’s going on for your Training Tuesday (or any day really, linking up throughout the week is good too!)

My Training

4/2 – 30 Day Shred Level 1. I decided to be a bad, horrible person and lay in a tanning bed during my lunch break for April (instead of working out like I normally do) so I’m making an effort to wake up and do it in the morning. I am not a fan.
4/3 – 30 Day Shred Level 1. Same deal. Up at the buttfuck crack of dawn to sweat. Why do people do this?
4/4 – 30 Day Shred Level 1. Also, at lunch I didn’t tan but I joined in on a sweat-fest at our stairs in the building. We usually do this on Wednesdays but we changed it to Thursdays to accommodate a friend who wanted to join us. So, yeah, two workouts in one day. Color me badass.
4/5 – I was freaking exhausted, so I did not hang out with Jillian. BUT, I did go to the gym with Mojgan and did a lot of crap that I don’t even want to remember. There were lunges and dead lifts and… a bosu ball? It was a blur of sweat and cursing.
4/6 – I had every intention of waking up to Jillian, but instead I woke up to a wonderful stomach bug. Squatting over & over again over a toilet counts as something though, right?
4/7 – See previous day.
4/8 – I attempted Jillian, but I gave up about 10 minutes into it. I just didn’t have the strength or the will.

Update on Forever Fitness Challenge with Abbey:

I kind of have been sucking at my goal to cook at least 3 healthy meals a week. When I decided to do that I meant it in an INTENTIONAL way. Like, my goal was to cook for both Alfred and I healthy. But the past couple weeks have been crazy and while I’ve still been eating well, it’s mostly because instead of my beloved Velveeta Shells & Cheese that Alfred has been ingesting I’ve been opting to eat a salad instead. I will say that I am finding that more and more I am craving healthier foods rather than junk food. (I can’t lie, when people used to tell me this I thought they were dirty, filthy liars)

I’m actually munching on these bad boys today instead of M&Ms. Weirdness.IMG_1149As far as my goal to lose 10 lbs – I’m on track! When I weighed myself this morning I was down by 6. So, I think mixing it up with Jillian and making an honest effort to eat better is doing the trick. It probably didn’t hurt that I was sick this weekend either…

My plan for the 30 Day Shred is to do each level (there’s 3) for 10 days and at the end of each level do my measurements/weights/etc to see if there’s a difference. Because I’m dorky and love to mark things out/check things off, I made this and then hung it next to my TV as a reminder I need to be shredding.

30 Day Shred If you’re interested, you can download it by clicking here. I’d love to have someone else join me. I think I marked off Day 6 today. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I may double up one day to get closer to being “finished” at the end of April. Eh, we’ll see.


Amanda Arr said...

I own quite a few of Jillian's workout DVDs, and they are no joke. I used to do them a couple times a week, before I added swimming and biking to my workout routine. Now they're collecting dust somewhere.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you feel better soon.

Sara said...

I've thought about trying the 30 Day Shred, but I think I would kill myself. Thoughts?

Abbey said...

you're doing great with the weight loss and with Jillian. Can't imagine sacrificing sleep to wake up and work out, though. I don't think I'll ever be one of those people. At least not till I'm out of grad school anyway.

Holly said...

Girl you're rocking the weight loss!!! It's hard to get the pounds off and keep them off, I know it is.

You are much stronger than me for keeping up with the Shred. I try and try and fail every single time. I don't even know what levels 2 or 3 look like!! But your little calendar is a great reminder!! I might have to download it for myself :)

Keep up the great work--you're awesome!! And you'll kick ass at your 5K on Saturday :)