Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Every thing's Bigger In Texas

Hi guys.
I've been a little MIA for the past week or so. Sorry. I just needed a break, I think? Honestly, I'm not sure what the deal was but I just wasn't feeling the Internets. Do you guys ever get that way? Like you're forgetting about everything outside of the computer and that makes you sad? That's what I'm blaming it on.
So here's a few just random ramblings.

10k Training
It's going well. I'm on my 3rd week and actually feel like if I had to run 6.2 miles tomorrow I could do it. I mean, it would suck balls, but I could do it. So, there's that. This weekend my long run is 4 miles. I've ran 4 miles before, so I'm not too worried about it - but that's the longest distance I've ever run so thinking what's beyond that is kind of intimidating. But I've decided to focus more on the distance than my pace [and it's seriously made a world of difference in my attitude!]. At this point I anticipate finishing the 10k somewhere between 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes. Not fast by any means, but faster than someone who's not doing anything, right?

Running Shoes
Remember how I told you I had man feet, but that's okay because they still carried cute shoes in women's size 12? Well, my shoes came in. And they were beautiful but....
size 12 in women's did not feel the same as a size 12 in men's. After talking with the guy working and telling him my 10k/half marathon plans he suggested I go back to the men's shoes because while I could run in the women's, I may suffer from more blisters & black toenails. I do not want to be uncomfortable running - so, I decided I'd just rather be uncomfortable ordering a pair of men's size 12 running shoes instead. They should be in today or tomorrow. I actually think I like the color combo better than the purple/red. What do you guys think?

Boiled Baby Butt
We believe Lillie managed to scratch open a mosquito bite on the tip top of her bottom and then the party crasher called Staph managed to sneak in and make it her home. Basically, I felt like the worst parent ever because I assumed the whining was from her molars that are starting to come in. I mean, I gave her a cup of ice and she'd stop. But looking back I can see now [stupid hindsight is 20/20 crap] that something was up but, at the time just thought she was being a fussy [almost] 2 year old.
Basically, we had to go to the doctor [he did say it hadn't really developed as badly as he thought so we caught it really early] where he lanced it. Yes. That's right. I had to hold her down while he cut my baby on purpose. So did her Granny [who came with me, thank the sweet baby Jesus]. I couldn't have done that alone. Physically and damn sure not emotionally. She is much better and has found a new love of all things band-aid. Also, she likes sticking her butt up in the air, pointing to her 'boo-boo' and saying "Owww" very pitiful like. Even when she's sick she still manages to be adorable. Damn kid.

Weight Watchers
I've been back on the plan for 2 weeks and it's going fairly well. I've lost 3.5 lbs [yay!]. I'm currently attempting to write something to share with you about my weight struggles. But with it being so personal, and having so many people I know in real life who actually read this thing I call a blog - it's harder than I thought it'd be. I've always been a pretty open person, so it's caught me by surprise.

Every thing's bigger in Texas
Which includes my hair today. Seriously. Talk about turning up the volume, am I right?

Happy Hump Day people!

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