Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 8.30.12

Thursday Thoughts - blog
[1] I did a bad, bad thing. Okay, fine, it wasn’t exactly bad. But I did just order myself a pair of boots. And not just any boots, but a pair of Steve Madden boots. I actually already own a few pair of boots – cowboy boots – but this is Texas and those  I also had a pair of “hooker boots” [black knee-high, slouchy with a 4 inch heel – gorgeous my friends, freaking gorgeous], but when my feet grew to man size proportions I gave them away to my bestie Emilie who had been coveting them for some time. Anyhow, for me they are pricey but I did what any shoe-whore would do – I justified the shit out of it.
  • If I wear them every day for a year, that’s less than a $1 a day.
  • If I use some of my birthday money [thanks to my mom, Al’s Dad, Al’s Mom & James!], then I completely offset the ridiculous cost. Basically I’m getting them for $50. Not a bad deal for boots, right?
  • If I sign up for emails I get an additional 10% off – so now I’m getting them for like $40!
  • I’m totally saving money by buying them! [My husband tells me this all the time. I am publicly apologizing to you now, my love, for this shoe travesty I have committed.]
Seriously, once you see them you’ll be all up in that justification. So, let’s do it.MaddenBoots See?! Totes worth it. Please cross your fingers that they fit my man feet and I love them as much in real life as I do online.

[2] My friend Abbey is running her first 5k on Monday. I am stoked for her. I think running is one of the reasons we started talking and now, seriously, you guys she is one of the most sweetest, genuine people you will meet [even if it is online!] Check out her blog, you won’t be disappointed.
I told her since I can’t be there for her in person to cheer her on [or better run with her] I’d invade her life with texts & tweets & stupidness. Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect Abs -20120830163332-001 So, my Abbey, you will do amazeballs. You will not be last. You will be like the wind and it will be glorious.

[3] And now speaking of running, I am on my 5th week of my 10k training – which means next Saturday is the day! I am still slow as all get-out, but I feel confident that I will finish the race. Which has been my main focus for the past 5 weeks. And I haven’t burned out on it and feel excited to take a couple recovery weeks afterwards [still working out, just not as many miles a week – I’m between 10-15 now] and then I jump head first into half-marathon plans! EEK! Thanks for all the support, seriously, you guys are awesome.

[4] How adorable is this? From left to right Lillie, Hunter & Savannah. 20120826194714They are all within 3 weeks of each other I believe, and the parents – we all graduated high school together. I know sometimes people are all about ‘getting out of their hometown’ but it’s not all bad. I’m so thankful for our friends and our little ones. And I’m excited to see everyone at our 10 year high school reunion [holy shit! 10 freaking years!] in the next few weeks. It will be wonderful to catch up in real life instead of on social media.

[5] Labor Day Weekend is almost upon us – I hope you’re lucky enough to have a 3 day weekend!


Adrienne said...

Those boots are SO cute! I think it's healthy to splurge a little ;)

And you DID get a good deal!

Just be careful with the emails because they send you cute things RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX and we all only have so much will power...

Oh, good. You just reminded me that I'm supposed to be running. That's right...

Happy 3 day to you too!!

Sar said...

You're saving money by buying them? I'm totally confused how that works but I like the way it sounds!

Also, I LOVE them. Too bad you don't have tiny feet like mine, then we could share. #sigh

Abbey said...

oh my gosh. you're awesome. that's all.

Abbey said...

this is so going to be better than the actual running part of the race.

Sara said...

LOVE the boots! I can always justify why I need something that I really REALLY want as well. I may have to justify a new purse coming up.... ;-)