Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday [Birthday] Thoughts 8.23.12


[1] Guess what? It’s my birthday! And you know what happens on your birthday?? Not a damn thing. I am married, with a kid and a full-time job that I have to wake up for tomorrow morning. Life doesn’t stop because one amazingly awesome person was born on this day 27 years ago. I mean, it should. But eh, what are you going to do right? I do have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised all day long with greatness. Lillie’s Granny & Papaw surprised me with this when I dropped her off this morning -

90 calories of pure fantasticness, my friends. And then when I got to work I found this waiting for me - 20120823081922 Yeah, you’ll notice the cookies are the ones that are already open. But everything else is pretty much non-existent at this point in the day. Although, we did find that people asked what the healthy food was for more often than when we have cupcakes hanging out in the conference room. But, of course, my husband could not be one-upped by anyone, I received these just a little bit ago. 20120823133944 Go ahead. Read the card.
You know you’ve been married for far too long when you start referring to each other with poop face as a term of endearment. I did ask him what the flower shop replied with when he told him what he wanted on the card.

Alfred: I told her poopface.
Me: [insert laughter] What did she say?
Alfred: She asked me if I was suuurreeeeee that’s what I wanted. It’s not like I asked to call you shit head or something.

It also came with these - 20120823134436 You know, to offset the healthiness of the fruit & vegetable tray from earlier. Love that man.

I don’t know if we’ll partake in any ‘official’ birthday shenanigans any time soon. But if we do, you know you’ll hear about it. I need some good blog ideas – and if alcohol is involved you know something will be going down.

[2] We have a swim party this weekend for a 4 year old & a 2 year old. Even though I am no where near bikini ready by society standards, I’ve decided to say fuck it because I’ve been working my ass off [literally] for months and I may not be perfect – but I am pretty fucking happy with myself at this point. I’ll stretch mark & jiggle my way all around that swim park and love every fricking second of it.

[3] I went to eat lunch with my Emilie today at Panda Express. As we were talking, she was eating her spring roll and when it fell from her hand into the sweet & sour sauce you would have thought her puppy died. Twas fantastic.

Happy Thursday!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday! Despite the "poop face" I'm glad you've had a few sweet surprises today!

Sara said...

Happy birthday!! All of your treats look amazing. :-)

The poop face thing cracks me up. It reminds me of something me and the hubby would put on our cards.

Sar said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMARA! I had no idea but if I did, I definitely would have sent you something via BU Mail as a surprise! Let me know if you go out to celebrate and I am so there!

Kate said...


When did we all suddenly become adults?!

Claire said...

Happy birthday! I totally feel the same way, every year, that is. I will be turning another year older on Sunday and I don't think I will feel any different.

Abbey said...

happy birthday! oddly enough, reading this made me crave the healthy foods, not the chocolatey ones.

Meg said...

oh my god I am dying over these thursday thoughts!
loved the comment you gave me so I had to see what you had to say and I was not disappointed!
Huge Happy Birthday and I can't wait to go read every single one of your posts, you are hilarious!

Katie said...


My birthdays are always super low-key nowadays. Just one birthday I'm going to redo a childhood birthday where you wear a special shirt and a birthday hat the whole day.

And possibly go to Chuck E Cheese and eat my weight in pizza.

Just saying. :)

Shauna said...

Happy late birthday!!!